IntelliLogger™ IL-20

3 Analog plus 4 Digital Input / 6 Output, Network enabled Data Acquisition instrument with I/O Expansion capability

IL-20 Data acquisition and alarm server with additional I/O Expansion

The IntelliLogger IL-20 is a perfect solution for low cost data acquisition and reporting applications that may need Input/Output channel expansion in the future.  The IL-20 is identical to the IL-10 but includes capability to add on additional I/O Expansion Modules via the integrated daisy-chain BBus port.  The IL-20 is provided with a suite of hardware I/O to meet many basic data logging applications and offers the same  full network communication, reporting and alarming capabilities of the other IntelliLogger models.   The IL-20 also supports the optional Modbus RTU feature which allows for data collection from Modbus connected Slave devices.
As with other IntelliLogger models, the IL-20 is graphically programmed with the included powerful and intuitive HyperWare-II software.  The IL-20 is equally suited for stand-alone, low-power operation as well as network connected (Ethernet, WiFi or cell modem) data acquisition, alarming and reporting applications.

The IL-20 can be provided in a weather/tamper-proof enclosure with optional battery pack, sensor excitation power supplies and many other balance of system accessories.

IL-20 Key Features
Three programmable analog inputs plus 4 digital inputs and multiple Alarm outputs
I/O Channel capacity easily increased with connection of Analog and/or Digital Expansion Modules
Modbus RTU Master, Slave and Modbus TCP options
Stand-alone or Network / Cellular connected for remote access, Reporting  and Alarming
Easily programmed… provided with intuitive HyperWare-II icon-based programming software
Integral Web Page server allows browser access to real-time values and data transfers
Easily Programmed for Intelligent and Conditional Logging Strategies
Low Power consumption allows for battery, photovoltaic, and/or line powered operation
Rugged design for all environments… remote site, plant floor or lab
Uses include field test, Sub-Metering, inventory monitoring, Process alarming, Energy logging, Demand studies, troubleshooting and more

Product Images

IL-10/20 Data Logger Front View with Annotation

Annotated View

IntelliLogger data logger displaying real-time values

Real-Time LCD Readings

IntelliLogger data acquisition logger and LS300 Modem in optional tamper/weatherproof IL-250 enclosure

Optional integration into tamper/weatherproof enclosures

Sample net using our Intuitive, icon-based programming via HyperWare-II software for Logic Beach data loggers

Icon based programming via HyperWare-II software

IL-10 and IL-20 data loggers - Comm Port End View

Communication connections

IntelliLogger data logger shown with optional surface mounting plate installed

With optional surface mounting plate installed

Product Information


The IntelliLogger™ IL-20 Network Enabled Data Logging and Alarming System is a versatile stand-alone data acquisition, alarming and reporting instrument that incorporates a full suite of Network capabilities. With this added Network connectivity, not only can the IntelliLogger sample analog and digital inputs, process them and log them to memory… but it also can report and alarm in a  variety of ways.  Additionally,  if network connected, the IntelliLogger monitoring your connected equipment can now be accessed over the Internet to view current values, download logged data, acknowledge alarms and more.

The IntelliLogger IL-20 model consists of the standard IntelliLogger base (identical to the IL-10) but has the added capability of  I/O count  expansion with the connection of one or more analog (ILIM-7) or digital (ILIM-2) expansion modules via the integral BBus interface.

Additionally, all IntelliLogger models can be enabled with Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP capabilities to allow for data collection from other Modbus enabled devices.   Modbus RTU Master, Modbus RTU Slave and Modbus TCP Server are all available as options. With the Modbus RTU Master option, the IntelliLogger can acquire register values from one or more connected Modbus RTU Slave devices. The Modbus register values read from the RTU Slave device are then processed within the IntelliLogger the same as other hardware analog or digital inputs.  With the Modbus Slave or Server options, the IntelliLogger can provide register values to other Modbus Master or Client devices.

All models of the IntelliLogger utilize the powerful and intuitive HyperWare-II software for programming.  HyperWare-II facilitates a quick learning curve due to its graphic programming User Interface. Simply dragging icons onto the workspace then interconnecting the icons with your mouse defines program function. This program is then uploaded to the IntelliLogger memory where it executes stand-alone.

Although network enabled, the IL-20 can be configured for low-power battery powered applications.  Sleep modes allow the IL-20 to awaken and execute its data acquisition program only when it is time to take readings (e.g. every minute, hour, etc)

A full suite of accessories and options for the IL-20 are available including Modbus data collection, cell modems, WiFi bridges, weatherproof enclosures, battery packs, sensor excitation power supplies and more.


The IL-20 is identical to the IL-10 with the exception that it has an integral BBus port which allows the connection of additional analog and digital Expansion Modules to increase its channel count.   Channel details are included below as well as displayed pictorially in the IL-20 Front View image.

Hardware Features in the IL-20

Feature Channel Qty Function Comments
Analog Input (programmable range) 2 Vdc Input ranges:
-10 to 20mVdc
-35 to +60mVdc
-45 to +80mVdc
-60 to +100mVdc
-120 to +200mVdc
-300 to +500mVdc
-600mV to +1.0Vdc
-1.2 to +2.0Vdc
J, K, E, T, R, S and N types
mAdc Input ranges:
-100 to +200uAdc
-350 to +600 uAdc
-450 to +800uAdc
-600uA to +1mAdc
-1.2 to +2mAdc
-3 to +5mAdc
-6 to +10mAdc
-12 to +20mAdc
Channels can be field configured for Vdc input, Thermocouple input or mAdc input. These channels utilize a 12 bit ADC providing approximately 1 part in 4000 resolution over the full scale.

NOTE:  For higher resolution needs, the IL-80 and/or the ILIM-7 analog input expansion module can provide up to 20 bits (!) of resolution which equates to 1PPM.

When channels are configured for thermocouple applications, the CJC temperature is automatically sensed and used in compensation.

Analog Input 1 Vdc Range: 0 to 3.2Vdc
mAdc range: 0 to 32mA
Field configurable for a single range of mAdc or Vdc input. 12 bit resolution.
Internal Temperature Sensor 1 Used for CJC for System Base thermocouple measurements Sensor can also be used for monitoring or logging of IntelliLogger temperature per user’s Program Net.
Digital Input 4 Frequency:
10Hz to 20Khz with 100mVpp sine input.
0.04Hz to 120KHz with 1Vpp input signal.
Frequency measurement range expands further with increased input signal amplitude.
Count: 0/ 3V input (0/24Vdc max) signal, 0 to 25KHz input pulse frequency without missed counts
Event: 0/3Vdc minimum, 0/24Vdc max driven input
Programmable as Event, High-speed counter or Frequency input per channel.

Channels are provided with debounce and pull-up under program control allowing for non-powered (contact closure, transistor or opto) inputs for Event, Frequency and Count functions.

Analog Output 2 0 to 10Vdc (8 bit) Under IntelliLogger program control. 10Vdc output requires unit supply voltage to be >10.5Vdc.
+5Vdc Fixed Output 1 0/5Vdc output; current and short circuit protected at 25mA Control via IntelliLogger program
Status LED 2 Green LED output Control via IntelliLogger program
Relay Output 2 Form C (NO, NC and Com) Control via IntelliLogger program
TTL Output 2 0/5Vdc current limited outputs Control via IntelliLogger program
Ethernet Port 1 10base-T Modbus TCP Server option is available for this port.
Cellular network modem uses this port.
RS-232 (PC) 1 DB-9F for PC Communication Modbus RTU Slave option is available for this port.
RS-232 Comm 1 DB-9M for external comm device support (modems, radios, etc)
USB 1 For PC Communication
LCD Display 1 4 line x 20 Characters Status messages as well as custom messages under program control


Intuitive, icon-based programming via HyperWare-II software IntelliLogger instruments are extremely powerful and versatile data acquisition, reporting and alarming instruments due to their programmability via the HyperWare-II software. HyperWare-II implements an intuitive graphical programming technique that results in a very quick learning curve… without compromising flexibility or programming capabilities.

Programming consists of connecting Input, Output and Function icons together with a mouse to construct a “HyperNet” Program. Clicking on each of the icons displays a Configuration Dialog to enter desired settings.  Once the HyperNet is built, it is then uploaded to the logger memory where it executes stand-alone… sampling inputs, performing math, logic, storage to memory, output alarming, reporting and more.   Due to the graphic design method, HyperNet programs are intuitive to construct and easy to comprehend at a later date… an extremely valuable feature.

In addition to the programming capability included in HyperWare-II, remote control communications, data downloads and Real-Time trending features are provided. With the Real-Time Trending feature, custom dashboards can be built to display sampled inputs, calculated values and output states in a variety of graphical display objects such as thermometers, line plots, charts, gauges and much more.

I/O Expansion

Additional analog (thermocouple, voltage, current) and digital (Event, Frequency, Counter and output) channels can readily be added to IntelliLogger models with the connection of ILIM-7 or ILIM-2 Expansion Modules. Intelliloggers equipped with the BBus expansion port capability (IL-20, IL-80, IL-90) are expanded by simply daisy-chain connecting one or more Expansion Modules. A CAT-5 Ethernet cable is used (provided with the module) for the interconnection and up to 100’ can separate the IntelliLogger and a module. For applications with 5 or less modules, the IntelliLogger System Base can provide both the communication AND the power for the modules via this BBus interconnect. For systems utilizing more than 5 Expansion Modules or long interconnecting runs, a BPB-1 BBus Power Booster can be used to inject power into the BBus daisy-chain network.

IL-80 with 2 ILIM-7 expansion modules stacked using a Module Attachment Bracket
Expansion Modules stacked on IntelliLogger Base
IL20 with ILIM-7 Modules Daisy-chained
IL-20 with daisy-chained Expansion Modules


With the suite of new Modbus Options, the IntelliLogger can now be utilized in Modbus network applications. A Modbus RTU Master enabled IntelliLogger can read Modbus register parameters from a connected Modbus Slave device (e.g. a flow computer, transducer, etc) along with other conventional hardwired inputs (e.g. thermocouples, pressure transducers, etc). These Modbus garnered values can then be processed, reported, stored to memory, embedded into emails, FTP’d and/or served up in Web pages… all by the IntelliLogger.

Alternatively, the IntelliLogger can be configured as a Modbus RTU Slave (or Modbus TCP Server) and share its own internal Modbus registers for interrogation or update from other networked Modbus Master (Client) devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between IntelliLogger models?
    • The IL-10 is the most basic stand-alone model.
    • The IL-20 is identical to the IL-10 with one exception… its Input/Output channel count can be expanded with the connection of additional Expansion Modules such as the ILIM-2 and the ILIM-7 via the BBus port.
    • The IL-80 is simply an IL-20 with one ILIM-7 Analog Expansion module housed in a single instrument package. The IL-80 can be expanded with even more channels with the addition of ILIM-2 and ILIM-7 modules.
    • The IL-90 is simply an IL-20 with one ILIM-2 Digital Expansion module housed in a single instrument package. The IL-90 can be expanded with even more channels with the addition of ILIM-2 and ILIM-7 modules.
    • The IntelliLogger IL-Mini is a derivative of the IntelliLogger instrument however it does not have network capability.  It is programmed via a USB connection to a PC.

  • What components do I need to order to make a complete usable data acquisition instrument?
    • Simply ordering the Part Number associated with the IntelliLogger on the Ordering Tab will provide a complete usable instrument.
    • The unit is supplied with a wall adapter power supply, USB and Ethernet cable and a CD containing the HyperWare software and the complete user manuals in PDF format.
    • If not ordered with the IntelliLogger, the customer will need to provide a PC computer with USB port and any sensors or signals to be sampled by the IntelliLogger.

  • How can I get more Input/Output channels?
    • The IL-20, IL-80 and IL-90 can have multi-channel Expansion Modules connected to increase the channel count. The modules are daisy-chain connected to the IntelliLogger with Ethernet cables via the integral BBus port.

  • Will the IntelliLogger run stand-alone without a PC connected?
    • Yes. Once the IntelliLogger is programmed, it can run stand-alone sampling inputs, performing calculations, driving outputs, etc. Options include various battery options to implement true stand-alone operation.

  • Does the IntelliLogger provide power for sensors?
    • It depends. There is one 5Vdc regulated output as well as two programmable analog voltage outputs on all IntelliLoggers. These can be used to provide excitation for many types of sensors. For transducers requiring higher voltages, we offer the PSM-2 Power Supply Module that can step up the nominal 9Vdc voltage provided by the optional D-cell Battery Pack or an external supply voltage to 10, 15 or 24Vdc. Those voltage levels will typically provide transducer power or loop excitation for 4-20mA transmitters.

  • I am running the IntelliLogger from batteries.. how can I power transducers?
    • Use the PSM-2 module (see above) to step up battery voltage to levels sufficient to power most transducers. Addtionally, to conserve battery energy in slower sampling applications, the power to the transducers can be cycled on before a reading then off after the reading.. saving battery energy. This is commonly done with the Warm-Up Icon.. a standard feature in the HyperWare software.

  • Is the IntelliLogger weatherproof?
    • No, however we offer tamper/weatherproof enclosure options. Refer to the Enclosure Options in the Accessories Tab for details

  • What can be viewed on the IntelliLogger front display?
    • Front panel buttons allow users to step through liquid crystal display (LCD) menus to view:
      • System Status (Enabled/Stopped, Memory usage, Supply voltage, IP address, etc)
      • Real-time values associated with any Probe Points included in the Program Net.
      • User defined messages displayed per the Program logic
      • System Error messages (Memory Full, Low Supply Voltage, etc)
      • and more….

  • Can a cellular modem be used with the IntelliLogger?
    • Yes, we offer cell modems compatible with the major cellular carriers.

  • Can the IntelliLogger be connected to a local area network (LAN)?
    • Yes, there is an included Ethernet port integral to the IntelliLogger. Once the LAN parameters (IP address, Gateway addresses, mail servers, etc) are configured via USB, the IntelliLogger can be directly connected to the LAN with a Cat 5/6 cable and accessed from anywhere on the LAN.

  • Can the IntelliLogger connect to a WiFi network?
    • Yes, we offer a WiFi bridge that connects to the IntelliLogger Ethernet port and allows wireless communication to a conventional Access Point on a LAN.

  • Can I access a LAN connected IntelliLogger remotely from outside of the network?
    • Yes, providing that a Port can be opened up in the network firewall to allow outside access to the IntelliLogger. Once this Port is open, communication with the IntelliLogger is possible from networks anywhere in the world. Passwording can be set on the IntelliLogger to limit access.

  • What capabilities do I have via a remote connection to the IntelliLogger?
    • All of the commands that can be performed via a USB connection can be performed remotely via a LAN, WiFi or Cell Modem connection. Assuming you have password rights this includes:
      • View real-time values
      • Data download
      • Reprogramming
      • Enable / Stop / Erase Memory
      • Status view
      • Change Program execution via Remote Control Switch Icons or Remote Constant Icons (if they are included in the executing Program Net)

  • Can I prevent unauthorized access to the IntelliLogger?
    • Yes. The IntelliLogger has a powerful Password authentication system. Multiple User accounts can be built with varying Permissions. For example, an Operator User could be set up to allow for viewing of real-time values but can’t reprogram the unit. A Power User might be able to Perform all functions but NOT reprogram the unit, etc.

  • What happens if a power failure occurs?
    • The IntelliLogger will shut down upon a power failure and save all current readings to non-volatile memory. When the power returns, the IntelliLogger will reboot and resume the operational mode which it was in prior to the power failure.

  • Can I use a backup battery to power the IntelliLogger through utility outages?
    • Yes, the IntelliLogger can be connected to both a low voltage utility source (eg the provided 120Vac to 12Vdc power adapter) and to a nominal 9Vdc Battery Pack option. If the utility power fails, the IntelliLogger will automatically switch to the backup battery and continue operation. When the utility power resumes, the IntelliLogger will commence operation from the utility source again. If running from a nominal 12Vdc source battery as backup, use of a 120Vac to 24Vdc adapter will ensure the IntelliLogger only draws current from the battery when the utility fails.


IntelliLogger IL-20
Product Name: IntelliLogger IL-20
Order Part Number: 9080.50020
Price: $1160
Items included with order:
Product Name:  Part Number: Qty:
IntelliLogger IL-20 9080.50020 1
Power Supply, wall outlet (DCXF-12V-1A) 9080.00002 1
Cable, USB, Type A to B, 6′ 9020.40000 1
Cable, Cat 5, Ethernet Standard, 10′ (CBL-E-S-10) 9020.50012 1
HyperWare-II software with complete PDF User Manuals (instrument and HyperWare) CD 1
Items commonly purchased with this product:
Product Name: Order Part Number: Price:
IntelliLogger Surface Mounting bracket 3539.30010  $16
Compact Flash memory card (CF-IND-128MB)  9080.03100  $48
ILIM-7 Analog Input channel Expansion Module  9080.50002  $660
ILIM-2 Digital Input channel Expansion Module  9080.50001  $600
Enc250 Weatherproof Enclosure  8050.91250  $250
Cellular Modem for remote site communication  9080.5046x  $589
Power Supply, 24Vdc wall adapter (commonly used to provide IntelliLogger power and transducer power) 9080.00017  $30
SCC-1 Serial Comm Converter for Modbus RS-485  9080.50100  $148

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ILIM-7 IntelliLogger Analog Input Expansion Module

ILIM-7 IntelliLogger Analog Input Channel Expansion Module

Isolated 8 channel analog input expansion module for the IntelliLogger™ system.

ILIM-2 Digital Input/Output Channel Expansion Module

ILIM-2 Digital Input/Output Channel Expansion Module

Event, Counter, Frequency Input and Digital Output channel expansion module for the IntelliLogger system.

Inserting CF Card into IntelliLogger

CF Memory Card

Insert to enlarge data storage capacity as well as facilitate logged data transport.

LS300 Cellular Data Modem

Cellular Data Modems

Connection of a cellular modem facilitates M2M remote access to the IntelliLogger via the cellular data network.

IntelliLogger and LS300 Modem in optional tamper/weatherproof IL-250 enclosure


Weather and tamperproof protective enclosures.

Surface mounting plate. Bracket mounts to back of Data Logger and extends above and below.

Surface Mounting Bracket

For attaching IntelliLogger or Expansion Modules to a wall or enclosure back.

PSM-2 Sensor Excitation Power Supply Module

PSM-2 Sensor Excitation Power Supply

Step up power supply to provide cycled sensor excitation or 4-20mA loop power from batteries or nominal 12Vdc source.

Stand-alone PSM-2 mounted in a small portable package with 6 D-cells

PSM-2-PP Sensor Excitation Power Supply

A stand-alone portable power supply including 6 D-Cell and the PSM in a small (4.8 x 8.8 x 2.9) package.

BPB-1 BBus Power Booster

BPB-1 BBus Power Booster

Injects supply voltage in BBus network for applications with 5 or more Expansion Modules or long BBus cable runs.

SCC-1 BBus Serial RS-232 to RS-485 Comm Converter

SCC-1 Serial Comm Converter

Converts IntelliLogger RS-232 port to RS-485 for Modbus RTU applications.

Expansion module attached to IntelliLogger Data Logger base with angle attachment bracket

Expansion Module Attachment Bracket

Allows stacking of Expansion Modules and/or attachment to the IntelliLogger base.

120/240Vac 12Vdc Power Supply. Provides 12Vdc power for IntelliLogger operation.

120/240Vac 12Vdc Power Supply

Provides 12Vdc power for IntelliLogger operation.

120/240Vac 24Vdc Power Supply. Provides 24Vdc power for IntelliLogger operation.

120/240Vac 24Vdc Power Supply

Provides 24Vdc power for IntelliLogger operation.

6ft USB Cable. Type A and B connectors for IntelliLogger to PC connection

USB Cable

6ft Type A to Type B cable for IntelliLogger to PC USB port connection.

3A Fuses for IntelliLogger power

3A Power Input Protection Fuses

Fuses protect the analog inputs from over-current when configured as mAdc inputs. Replacement fuses are available in 5 packs.

50mA Fuses for IntelliLogger power input protection

50mA Power Input Protection Fuses

Fuses protect the analog inputs from over-current when configured as mAdc inputs. Replacement fuses are available in 5 packs.

CAT5 Standard Ethernet Cable, 10ft

Ethernet Cable

CAT 5 cables can be used for connecting the IntelliLogger to a LAN Switch, Hub, Router or expanding a BBus network.

Example Calibration Certificate for Data Logger

Calibration Certificate

An optional Certificate of Calibration can be provided with the instrument at time of order or up to 6 months after manufacture.

Short Range Wireless Ethernet Bridge

Short-Range WiFi Bridge

With this Bridge, the IntelliLogger can be quickly deployed on a WiFi network. Unit is provided with 120Vac power supply and surface mounting cradle bracket.