Rugged remote site data logging instrumentation

Remote Site / Field Test Data Acquisition

With their low power and rugged design,  Logic Beach data logging instruments excel  for remote site and field equipment test data acquisition, alarming and reporting applications.   Whether the application is mountain top cellular equipment climate control monitoring or field test of a new HVAC rooftop unit in the Arizona desert, Logic Beach data acquisition instruments reliably acquire and report the desired data.

The IntelliLogger™  offering ranges from battery powered, stand-alone instruments to network connected instruments utilizing Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular and FHSS radios… all fully programmable via our intuitive, graphic HyperWare programming application.

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Energy Auditing / Submetering

With the ease of configuration and flexibility of transducer interface, Logic Beach data logging instruments can be quickly deployed to acquire the necessary physical data for Energy Audits, M&V studies and other plant utility bill reduction efforts. Our IntelliLogger instruments readily interface to electrical meters, temperature, pressure, humidity, air flow transducers, Modbus and more.. allowing simultaneous data collection of all of the variables involved in a utility load… all with a single instrument. Use the data collected by our instruments to baseline the utility costs associated with chillers, compressed air systems, HVAC units, large electrical services and more… then verify the efficiency improvements and associated savings after system modifications.

Long term monitoring and submetering with automated reporting can then be provided with one of our network connected instruments.

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Process Monitoring / Improvement

With the ease of intuitive, graphic programming and flexible transducer/signal interface, Logic Beach data acquisition instruments are stellar tools for process analysis and improvement. Use the IntelliLogger to monitor temperatures, pressures, flows and power… even garner values from Modbus enabled equipment to understand and refine process control and efficiencies.

After optimizing the process, use the reporting capability of our network enabled IntelliLoggers to monitor the process long term and sound alarms (local outputs as well as emails or text alarms) if the process deviates from control boundaries.

A Few of the Companies Using our Instrumentation…