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Weatherproof Enclosure Options Overview

Weatherproof Enclosures Key Features
Weather and Tamper Proof enclosures
Rugged thick wall ABS enclosure in three sizes
Silicone gasketed door with dual latches
Sealing gland fittings for bottom wiring pass through
Integrated packages ready for rugged location deployment
Optional pre-wiring
Semi-custom systems pre-built to meet your needs with cell modem, batteries, expansion modules and more
Optional surface mounting bracket


The IntelliLogger instrument can be packaged into a lockable, weatherproof, protective enclosure along with various ancillary components to completely meet a data acquisition application needs. These enclosed systems serve to protect the IntelliLogger from the weather as well as provide tamperproof protection for plant floor or indoor installation.

Ancillary data acquisition components commonly housed in the enclosures include:

  • Channel Expansion Modules
  • Cellular modems
  • WiFi Bridge
  • Sensor Excitation power supplies
  • Batteries (D-Cell packs)
  • AGM rechargeable batteries and associated charge controllers
  • Pre-wired terminal strips to facilitate quick field wiring
  • Customer application specific components

Three sizes of enclosures are offered to meet the system equipment packaging needs. Contact Logic Beach staff for assistance in selecting an appropriate enclosure for your data acquistion system.


Enc250 Enclosure

Smallest size enclosure (10.5″W x 14″H x 6.5″D). Typically used for housing an IntelliLogger and optionally one additional ILIM-x Channel Expansion Module and/or Cellular Modem.

Enc300 Enclosure

Medium size enclosure (11.7″W x 20.4″H x 7.1″D ). Typically used for housing an IntelliLogger and optionally up to 3 or 4 additional ILIM-x Channel Expansion Modules. Alternatively, a mix of modules and ancillary equipment (Cell Modem, Power Supplies, battery pack, etc) fits well into the Enc300.

Enc350 Enclosure

Largest enclosure (14.8″W x 25″H x 9.2″D ). Typically used for housing an IntelliLogger and optionally up to 5 additional ILIM-x Channel Expansion Modules or a mix of modules and/or ancillary data acquistion system components (cell modem, sensor power supplies, AGM batteries, charge controllers, etc).

IntelliLogger(tm) IL-Mini


A 5 Channel IntelliLogger with it’s own built-in enclosure.  With it’s low-power operation and built-in rugged weatherproof packaging, the IL-Mini™ serves equally well as a portable data logger or as a long term monitoring logger.