Intellilogger Remote Communications Accessories

The IntelliLogger can operate stand-alone or be network connected. For installations where remote connectivity is desired, Logic Beach offers various solutions.

In many applications, the IntelliLogger is installed at a remote location which could be… a mountain top, in a process plant or simply at a location where wired LAN connectivity is not available. For these applications, the IntelliLogger can be network connected via cellular modem (gateway) or if within range of a LAN Access Point, WiFi can be used. With network connectivity implemented full remote control and communication with the logger is implemented.  Communication features include:

  • Automated download of data via FTP or email
  • Manual download of data with HyperWare or a browser
  • Reprogramming of the unit’s Program Net,
  • Remote parameters changes including adjusting Program constants and digital output states
  • Real-time trending of current values
  • Reflash of the firmware to keep the unit current with features and more

All communications that can be performed with a local USB connection to a PC can be performed remotely with the WiFi or Cellular gateway interface.

Remote Communication Options

RV50 Cellular Data Modem

Cellular Data Modems

Connection of a cellular modem (gateway) facilitates M2M remote access to the IntelliLogger via the cellular data network.

Cellular M2M Data Plans

Cellular M2M Data Plans

Low cost cellular data plans offered direct from Logic Beach.

Short Range Wireless Ethernet Bridge

Short Range WiFi Bridge

With this Bridge, the IntelliLogger can be quickly deployed on a WiFi network. Unit is provided with 120Vac power supply and surface mounting cradle bracket.