RV50 Cellular Data Modem

RV50 Cellular Data Modem
Cellular Data Modem Key Features
Provides network access to remote IntelliLoggers
Access IntelliLoggers in secured areas where LAN connections are unavailable or prohibited
Full remote IntelliLogger access including Programming, Real-Time trending and Data Downloads
Supports FTP and Email of Status and Alarm messages
Low Cost M2M data plans offered direct through Logic Beach

Product Images

IntelliLogger and RV50 Modem in optional tamper/weatherproof IL-250 enclosure

IntelliLogger and RV50 modem in IL250 Enclosure

RV50 Antenna and Ethernet connections

RV50 Antenna and Ethernet connections

RV50 Front and Status indicator LEDs

RV50 Front Status indicator LEDs


12″ Omnidirectional Magnetic Mount antenna

Standard Vdc power cable and mating connector

Standard Vdc Power Cable and mating connector

Optional 120/240Vac Power Supply with international adapter plugs

Power Supply with adapter plugs

Product Information

The RV50 cellular data modem/gateway provides wireless network connectivity via the digital cellular network for the IntelliLogger product family. An IntelliLogger equipped with the RV50 has all of the user interface capabilities of a hardwired communication connection… but at a remote isolated location.

Additionally, the RV50 can be a perfect solution to access an IntelliLogger located within a plant (eg a refinery) that disallows connection of non-approved equipment to their LAN. The IntelliLogger with an RV50 can be deployed quickly in the plant without compromising the plant LAN security nor going through a lengthy LAN connection certification procedure.

For IntelliLoggers used in remote site test deployments that may be relocated regularly, cellular connectivity allows for quick redeployment.

The RV50 connects to the IntelliLogger Ethernet port. Once the RV50 is activated with a data plan, all of the communication functions used with the IntelliLogger can be performed remotely…. programming, real-time trending of values, data downloads, remote control, browser access, etc.

The RV50 can be line or battery powered and the IntelliLogger can control power allowing for connectivity on an as needed basis. The RV50 is a commonly used accessory for the IntelliLogger system and can be provided pre-wired with an IntelliLogger in one of the accessory weatherproof enclosures (eg ENC250, 300, 350) offered for the IntelliLogger.  This package results in a powerful M2M IoT data acquisition, reporting and alarming system.

For applications inside buildings with poor cellular data access, the RV50 can be provided in its own enclosure with an antenna and remotely mounted away from the IntelliLogger for improved cellular network RF access. Connectivity between the IntelliLogger and the RV50 can be implemented via a standard Cat-5 Ethernet cable (up to 300’) with no loss in signal integrity due to the wired Ethernet connection.

A single model of the RV50 supports all of the major USA cellular networks and can be simply configured for a carrier via a plug in SIM card .  The unit is provided with a DC pigtail and can optionally be provided with a 120/240Vac power adapter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the IntelliLogger send Emails over the RV50?
    • Yes, once an IntelliLogger equipped with the RV50 deployed, the IntelliLogger is connected to the Internet and all IntelliLogger initiated functions including FTP and Email can be performed by the IntelliLogger .
  • What cellular carriers are supported?
    • A single model of the RV50 supports all of the USA carriers.  Configuration to a carrier is simply done with the installation of a SIM card.
  • How much power does the RV50 draw?
    • There are multiple modes of operation ranging from a low power Standby mode (4.4mA at 12Vdc) to Idle Mode (75mA at 12Vdc) to a peak transmit mode (666mA at 12Vdc).  The connected IntelliLogger can be used to control the mode, enabling gateway operation when required.
  • How does the RV50 connect to the IntelliLogger?
    • The RV50 and IntelliLogger interconnect via a standard Ethernet cable. In poor cellular reception areas, the RV50 and its antenna can be located remotely from the IntelliLogger (in a better coverage area) and interconnected with up to 300 ft of Ethernet cable.  Extending the connecting Ethernet cable is recommended vs extending the antenna coax cable as there will be no signal loss through the Ethernet cable as would occur with a lengthened coax antenna cable.
  • What can I do if my installation has poor cellular coverage?
    • A couple of options are available…
      • As mentioned above, the modem can be remotely located from the IntelliLogger location by using a long Ethernet cable.
      • Use a Cell Modem Booster which will improve the sensitivity of the cell modem (see Ordering Tab)


Single RV50 Model for all major USA carriers  (install Carrier SIM Card to configure)
Order Part Number: Price:
CM-RV50 Cellular Gateway 9080.50470 $589
Items included with RV-50 Modem order:
Product Name: Part Number: Qty:
Vdc power cable (5ft) and mating power connector NA  1
Ethernet cable, 3ft for connection to IntelliLogger 9020.50008  1
Items commonly purchased with this product…
Product Name: Order Part Number: Price:
Data Plans See link varies
Antenna, magnetic mount, 12″ tall, omni-directional whip 9080.10020 $42
Right angle mounting bracket with integral ground plane for pole mount of antennas 3539.80010 $48
120/240Vac Power Adapter for CM-RV50 gateway LBI-2000579 $25
Cell Modem Booster Amp (Verizon and AT&T 4G only) 9080.50492 $230

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Antenna, Omni-directional 12″ Magnetic Mount

12″ Omnidirectional Magnetic Mount antenna

Cellular Data Modem Booster Amp

Cellular Data Modem Booster Amp

Improves cellular data connection quality in weak signal areas

Cellular M2M Data Plans

Cellular Data Plans from Logic Beach

Low Cost cellular data plans featuring Static IP addresses for M2M applications.

Antenna Pole Mounting Bracket

Magnetic Base Antenna Mounting Bracket

Optional LS300 magnetic antenna mounting bracket