Demand Side Pressure Data Logging with the IL-Mini™

The IL-Mini can be provided with an integral battery pack and a PSM-4 transducer power supply. With this feature, the IL-Mini can truly run autonomously. It can be left in remote locations running from batteries and cycling the power to transducers as it needs to take readings. The PSM-4 is Battery powered IL-Mini™ with 4-20mA pressure transducer capable of generating 10, 15 or 24Vdc output voltages from the IL-Mini battery pack… sufficient voltage and current to power 4-20mA transducers.

The IL-Mini configured with the battery and PSM-4 option can be connected to one or more 4-20mA output pressure transducers and deployed at various locations on the Demand Side of a compressed air distribution system. With this powerful tool, data can be collected during an audit to identify pressure drops due to pipe sizing, faulty or clogged valves, trap leakage, excessive loading or other distribution problems. The logged data can then be correlated with the Supply side data and intelligent Compressed Air System decisions can be made.

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