IL-Mini Accessories

To round out a complete data logging system employing the IL-Mini data logger, Logic Beach offers many additional accessories.


IL-Mini™ With optional surface mounting bracket

Surface Mounting Bracket

Brushed aluminum bracket with screws for mounting the IL-Mini within a cabinet or flat surface.

CF-IND-128K Compact Flash Memory Card

CF Memory  Card

Insert to enlarge data storage capacity as well as facilitate logged data transport.

Icon based programming via HyperWare-II software

HyperWare-II IL-Mini Single User License

Use of HyperWare-II with the IL-Mini requires a User license.

120/240Vac 12Vdc Power Supply

120/240Vac 12Vdc Power Supply

Provides 12Vdc power for IntelliLogger operation.

120/240Vac 24Vdc Power Supply

120/240Vac 24Vdc Power Supply

Provides 24Vdc power for IntelliLogger operation. Additionally, applications using transducers (eg 4-20mA loop powered) that require nominal 24Vdc power can share this power supply for transducer power.

USB Cable Type-A to Mini-B

USB Cable Type-A to Mini-B

6ft Type-A to Mini-B cable for IL-Mini to PC USB port connection.