Compact Flash “CF” Memory Card

CF-IND-128K Compact Flash Memory Card

Use of a Compact Flash “CF” memory card provides a simple method to expand the IntelliLogger and IntelliLogger Mini data logging memory capacity. With the use of the CF Card, memory is expanded to a capacity of approximately 10 million samples.

The CF Card also provides an easy means to quickly transfer logged data from the instrument to another location for analysis. The data extraction process requires minimal knowledge about the IntelliLogger system allowing non-technical staff to extract data from remote site instruments. With a simple sequence of stopping the logging session, swapping the CF Card and re-enabling the unit, data is quickly extracted from the IntelliLogger. The CF Card can then be plugged into a CF Card drive on a PC and the data extracted and saved and/or converted to a CSV file or plotted.

IntelliLogger products come standard with an integral Compact Flash (CF) memory card socket. IntelliLogger Mini systems offer the CF Card Socket function as an option.

CF Memory Card Key Features
Expands IntelliLogger data storage capacity
Transportable for easy logged data transfer
-40 to 85C Industrial temperature operating range
~10 million sample capacity
100% tested, 0 Wait-State performance

Product Images

Inserting CF Card into IntelliLogger

Inserting CF Card into IntelliLogger

CF Card partially inserted into IL-Mini

CF Card partially inserted into IL-Mini

Product Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I extract the CF Card logged data to my PC?
    • Many PC’s come with integral CF Memory card sockets. If your PC is not equipped, USB connected card drives are readily available. Many external card drives provide sockets for the multitude of various memory card formats on the market.
  • Will any CF Card work with the IntelliLogger?
    • Maybe.  Many commercially available CF Cards are not production tested to conformity with high standards. We highly recommend the use of our CF-IND-128K CF Card as it has been tested by Logic Beach for compatibility with our products. The CF-IND-128K card is 100% temperature and media tested over the industrial temperature range. Additionally, it is a “0” Wait State card which ensures fast and reliable operation with the IntelliLogger family.
  • Will the IntelliLogger automatically detect the CF Card?
    • At power-up, the IntelliLogger will check for an installed CF Card. If detected, it will automatically use the CF Card for data storage instead of internal memory.


Compact Flash Memory Card
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