BPB-1; BBus Expansion Module Network Power Booster

BPB-1 BBus Power Booster
BBus Power Booster Benefits
Injects additional power into the BBus network
Supplies power for BBus networks with long runs or >5 Expansion modules
Includes wall power supply

Product Images

BPB-1 Ethernet Ports

BPB-1 BBus and Power Ports

BPB-1 BBus Power Booster Top View

BPB-1 BBus Power Booster Top View

BPB-1 BBus Power Booster with Power Adapter

BPB-1 BBus Power Booster with Power Adapter

Product Information


The BPB-1, BBus Power Booster is used to inject additional power into a BBus network where long BBus cabling runs and/or multiple ILIM-x Expansion Modules are deployed. The BBus network cabling provides power as well as communication between the ILL and one or more ILIM-x modules. Voltage drop occurs within the BBus cabling (CAT 5/6 cable) and sufficently long BBus cabling runs can result in voltage drop which in turn is insufficient to power an ILIM-x module. Additionally, each ILIM-x Expansion Module draws current resulting in voltage drop through the interconnecting BBUs cabling. The ILL can normally source sufficient power for up to four ILIM-x Expansion Modules with relatively short BBus interconnecting cable lengths (ie less than 30 feet total). For applications with longer runs and/or greater than four ILIM-x connected Expansion Modules, the BPB-1 can be used to inject extra power into the BBus network.

The BPB-1 can be powered by the included wall adapter or alternatively by a nominal 12Vdc source. It has two Ethernet sockets allowing for simple connection into a BBus network.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is a BPB-1 required?
    • The ILIM-x Expansion Modules for the Intellilogger family receive their nominal 10Vdc power from the IntelliLogger System Base via the BBus cabling. Due to resistance of the BBus cable conductors as well as resistance across connections, voltage drop occurs. With long cable runs and/or multiple Expansion modules attached to an IntelliLogger, the resistance can drop the voltage to a level below that required for operation of the Expansion Module(s). The BPB-1 injects voltage into the BBus network, keeping the BBus supply voltage to the modules above the minimum required by the modules.
  • How is the BPB-1 connected into a BBus Network?
    • The BPB-1 is simply connected in series with the BBus cabling at the appropriate location. A cable from the last module is plugged into the jack on the BPB-1 marked “Input” and a cable to the next “downstream” module is plugged into the BPB-1 jack marked “Output”.
  • Where should the BPB-1 be connected into the BBus cable network?
    • The exact location depends on the number of modules, the associated length of cabling between modules as well as the total length of cabling for the BBus network. General guidelines are:
      1. For short BBus networks with a total length of less than 25 ft, insert the BPB-1 after the 4th Expansion Module.
      2. For longer BBus networks, install the BPB-1 after approximately 50 feet of BBus cable or after the 3rd Expansion Module, whichever is closer to the IntelliLogger instrument.
  • Is the BPB-1 weatherproof?
    • No. However the BPB-1 can be provided in a weatherproof protective housing. Contact Logic Beach Sales for information.


BPB-1: BBus Power Booster module
Product Name: BPB-1: BBus Power Booster module
Order Part Number: 9080.50050
Price: $220
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BPB-1: BBus Power Booster module 9080.50050  1
Power Supply, 12Vdc output wall adapter 9080.00002  1
Cable, CAT5, Ethernet 3ft length  9020.50008  1
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