PSM-PP; Sensor Excitation Power Supply Module

A stand-alone portable power supply including 6 D-Cells and the PSM in a small (4.8 x 8.8 x 2.9) package. This supply is a versatile power source for use with other data acquisition, control and annunciator equipment providing power for sensor and loop excitation as well as instrument power.


Product Name: PSM-2 Power Supply
Order Part Number: 9850.34562
Items included with order:
Product Name: Order Part Number: Qty:
IL-80 Data Acquisition and Reporting instrument 9580.34562 1
6 Ft USB cable 8765.44567 1
Gland fittings (6) 4560.34534 6
Price: $1480.00
Product Price List
Items commonly purchased with this product:
Product Name: Sales Item: LBPN:
Surface mounting bracket 9580.34562 1
BPB-1 BBus Power Booster 9580.34562 1
SCC-1 Serial Comm Converter 9580.34562 1

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