PSM-2; Sensor/Transducer Excitation Power Supply Module

PSM-2 Sensor Excitation Power Supply Module
PSM-2 Key Features
Provides Field sensor power… current loops and / or voltage excitation source
Powered from system batteries or external power
Control input for battery life extending ON/OFF control via logger software
Rugged design to take abusive field conditions
Field programmable output voltages..5, 10, 15, and 24Vdc
(custom voltages are available!)
Extremely efficient, low-power design for optimizing battery life

Product Information

The PSM-2 Power Supply Module is a rugged module that can be used to provide excitation power for sensors, transducers and transmitters used with Logic Beach portable and remote site data logging and alarming instruments.  In many field applications, excitation voltages required to power transducers may be greater than the batteries (commonly 9 to 12Vdc) powering the data logger and associated equipment.   The PSM-2 can be used to step-up this lower battery voltage to 10, 15 or 24Vdc meeting the excitation needs of most transducers.  The PSM-2 can supply 100mA of current… sufficient to power up to five 4-20mA loops.  The main supply output can be field jumper programmed in the field for 10, 15 or 24Vdc output (custom output voltages are available. Contact Logic Beach).   Additionally, there is a second fixed 5Vdc output.

The PSM-2 draws its power from the standard data logger D-cells or an external supply. For connection to the logger D-cells, a pigtail with mating connector projects from the PSM-2. This pigtail can then be used to connect to the mating connector provided on the Logic Beach data logger battery pack. Alternatively, external power can be supplied to the PSM-2 via terminal strip connections.  Terminal strip connections are provided for easy connection of multiple transducers.

The PSM-2 outputs are cycled ON/OFF by a low-level control input from the associated logger. Typically, this control input is controlled by an output from the associated logger, providing power only as required for sampling… minimizing power consumption and maximizing battery life. An LED indicator lights when the outputs are ON providing visual feedback of operation during installation.

System Specifications

Terminal Strip: 12 position strip for connection of external power input, control signal input, and the programmable and 5 Vdc outputs and ground.
Pigtail Connection: A pair of pigtails is provided for direct interface to the HyperLogger™, ModuLogger and Mini battery pack. In the ModuLogger and Mini implementation, the PSM is wired in series between the battery pack (ML-BATT) and the CPU module using the two provided pigtails and mating polarized connectors.
Status Indicators: Output “ON” LED indicator
External Power Input: 8 – 32Vdc input
Control Signal Input: Field Programmable for Hi Input = ON or Lo Input = ON
(LO = 0 to 0.5Vdc ; HI = 3 to 20Vdc)
Control current = 400uA at 5 Vdc (On)
Power Supply Output #1: Programmable Vdc* Output :
Ranges: 10, 15, or 24Vdc (jumper programmable)
Accuracy: +/- 300 mV (special trim available)
Current: 100mA** (short circuit protected)
Output #2: Fixed 5 Vdc Output:
Accuracy: +/- 150mV
Current: 40mA (short circuit protected)
Parasitic Current (Outputs Off): 300uA typical
Circuit Protection: Continuous short circuit protection on outputs. Reverse polarity protection on inputs
Operating Temperature Range: -40C to 70C


PSM-2 Sensor Excitation Power Supply
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