AC Voltage Transducers

Logic Beach distributes a quality line-up of AC Voltage transducers with full scale input ranges from 50 to 500Vac. Isolated outputs are available as loop powered 4-20mA or 0-5Vdc. Lower cost Average RMS parts can meet many standard grid or generator monitoring needs. For more demanding non-sinusoidal AC measurements (eg chopped wave or phase fired control systems), true RMS devices are available.

The average sensing model is optionally available with dual inputs and outputs in a single package… perfect for utility supply vs generator output monitoring.

True RMS devices are available for single phase and 3-phase (3 wire and 4-wire) applications.

Transducers are packaged in DIN rail mountable housings with optional mounting holes for direct surface mounting. Terminal strip connections are provided for Vac sense connections and output wiring.

Image Model Voltage Sense Channels
Output Signal Transducer Power Price
Single Phase Average RMS Sensing Transducers
CR4620 One 4-20mA (isolated) 4-20mA loop powered $99
See above image CR4640 Two 4-20mA (isolated) 4-20mA loop powered $172
Single Phase True RMS Sensing Transducers
CR4510 One 0-5Vdc 24Vdc $210
See above image CR4520 One 3-wire 4-20mA 24Vdc $232
Three Phase True RMS Sensing Transducers
CR4550 3-Phase 3-Wire 0-5Vdc 24Vdc $121
See above image CR4560 3-Phase 3-Wire 3-wire 4-20mA 24Vdc $371
See above image CR4570 3-Phase 4-Wire 0-5Vdc 24Vdc $531
See above image CR4580 3-Phase 4-Wire 3-wire 4-20mA 24Vdc $592