IntelliLogger™ and ILIM-7 50mA Power Input Protection Fuses

50mA Analog Power Input Protection Fuses
Power Input Protection Fuses Key Features
Protects analog inputs in mAdc mode from over-current damage
Simple plug-in replacement

Product Information

Over-current, fast-blow protection fuses are employed to protect the analog input channels (in mAdc mode) on the IntelliLogger Instrument Base (3 channels) as well as on the ILIM-7 (8 channels).

To replace the fuses:
ILIM-7 or left side ILIM-7 channels in the IntelliLogger IL-80: Simply unplug the blown fuse and install a new fuse.
IntelliLogger Instrument Base: Remove the 1″ x 3″ metal cover to the right of the LCD. The bottom three fuses are the Analog Input protection fuses. (The top fuse is the main power fuse)

Note: Older versions of the IntelliLogger Instrument Base as well as the ILIM-7 were shipped with 100mA rated analog input protection fuses (marked 1/10A). Replacement fuses are 50mA (marked 1/20A) and can be used for the analog input protection on ALL IntelliLogger Instrument bases as well as ILIM-7 modules.


Replacement 50mA Analog Input Protection Fuses
Product Name: Replacement 50mA Analog Input Protection Fuses
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