IntelliLogger Input/Output (I/O) Expansion

Additional analog (thermocouple, voltage, current) and digital (Event, Frequency, Counter and output) channels can readily be added to IntelliLogger models with the connection of ILIM-7 or ILIM-2 Expansion Modules. Intelliloggers equipped with the BBus port capability (IL-20, IL-80, IL-90) are expanded by simply daisy-chain connecting one or more Expansion Modules. A CAT-5 Ethernet cable is used (provided with the module) for the interconnection and up to 100’ can separate the IntelliLogger and a module.

For applications with 5 or less modules, the IntelliLogger System Base can provide both the communication AND the power for the modules via this BBus interconnect. For systems utilizing more than 5 Expansion Modules or long interconnecting runs, a BPB-1 BBus Power Booster can be used to inject power into the BBus daisy-chain network.

IL20 with ILIM-7 Modules Daisy-chained

One or more Expansion Modules can readily be added to an IntelliLogger System Base. The BBus interconnect allows the modules to be located distant from the IntelliLogger minimizing transducer/signal wiring runs.

IL-80 with 2 ILIM-7 expansion modules stacked using a Module Attachment Bracket

With the use of the Expansion Module Mounting bracket, modules can be attached to the IntelliLogger Base implementing a single package increased I/O instrument.


ILIM-7 IntelliLogger Analog Input Expansion Module

ILIM-7 IntelliLogger Analog Input Channel Expansion Module

Isolated 8 channel analog input expansion module for the IntelliLogger™ system.

ILIM-2 Digital Input/Output Channel Expansion Module

ILIM-2 Digital Input/Output Channel Expansion Module

Event, Counter, Frequency Input and Digital Output channel expansion module for the IntelliLogger system.

BPB-1 BBus Power Booster

BPB-1 BBus Power Booster

Injects supply voltage in BBus network for applications with 5 or more Expansion Modules or long BBus cable runs.

Expansion module attached to the IntelliLogger base with angle attachment bracket

Expansion Module Attachment Bracket

Allows stacking of Expansion Modules and/or attachment to the IntelliLogger base.

CAT5 Standard Ethernet Cable, 10ft

Ethernet Cable

Various lengths of CAT5 Ethernet cable are available for use in building a BBus network.