SCC-1 Serial RS-232 to RS-485 Comm Converter

SCC-1 BBus Serial RS-232 to RS-485 Comm Converter

Most installations involving Modbus RTU enabled instruments utilize RS-485 as the communication link between the Master and one or more Slave RTU devices.  If a Modbus RTU network is desired to have more than a single Slave device or longer distances are required between devices,  RS-485 multi-drop communications is most commonly used.  The SCC-1, RS-232 to RS-485 Communications Converter converts the IntelliLogger RS-232 port into RS-485 for these multi-device applications.

The IntelliLogger does have an RS-232 port that can be configured for Modbus RTU communications although RS-232 is not commonly used due to its limitations. With RS-232, only a single Master and single Slave device can be on the “network”.  Additionally, RS-232 is only specified for short distance communications (typically 50 ft or a total cable load capacitance not to exceed 2500pF).

The SCC-1 includes a Transmit and Receive LED which are valuable during Modbus network setup and testing. The unit is powered from the IntelliLogger RS-232 port.

SCC-1 Key Features
Converts IntelliLogger RS-232 port to RS-485 for Modbus RTU applications
Transmit and Receive indicators for test and troubleshooting
Powered by the IntelliLogger RS-232 port
Terminal strip connections for RS-485 wiring connection.

Product Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What communication rates are supported by the SCC-1?

All comm rates provided by the IntelliLogger are supported by the SCC-1 (1200 to 38,400)

  • What wire is recommended for RS-485 interconnection?

120 ohm characteristic impedance, twisted pair cable is recommended. Twisted pair conductors minimize radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI) as well as increase immunity to radiated EMI from other sources. Wire gauge of 20 to 24 is commonly used. Cable with an integral foil shield and drain ground wire is readily available and can provide additional EMI affect reduction for minimal additional cost.

  • What is the maximum distance supported by RS-485?

1200 meters (4000 ft) for the comm rates supported by the IntelliLogger (ie maximum of 38,400).

  • Is a termination resistor required?

To minimize reflected signals in RS-485 wiring, a resistor approximating the characteristic impedance of the cable used (typically 120 ohm) should be installed across the conductors at the far end of the RS-485 network.  No terminating resistor is required at the IntelliLogger or SCC-1 end.


SCC-1 User Instructions:  Refer to the “Modbus Interface to the IntelliLogger” section of the IntelliLogger Hardware User Manual

RS-485 Wikipedia page –


Serial Communications RS-232 to RS-485 Converter
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