Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges

World Meteorological Organization approved Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges. Tipping bucket gauges are the industry standard for measuring rainfall. Precipitation falling within the 200 sqcm catchment area is funneled to a dual “tipping bucket” mechanism. As each bucket fills, the mechanism rocks back and forth closing a magnetic switch momentarily with each tip. Each “tip” corresponds to 0.1mm of precipitation… allowing the connected Logic Beach data logger to scale and totalize the rainfall.

The gauges are available with optional heaters to allow for operation in freezing climates. For coastal salt air applications and other corrosive environments, the gauge is offered with a marine grade stainless steel housing.

Switched output from the gauge can be directly connected to a Logic Beach data logger “digital input” configured as a Counter. The data logger provides excitation current for the switch and scaling and totalization over any user defined time period of the “tips”.

Units with heaters require nominal 24Vac 18W for heating element. Element is thermostatically controlled and cycles ON below ~10C.

Base clamp allows mounting on a 1″ steel pipe or optionally with three mounting feet for flat surface placement.

Data Sheet

Reference Pricing: $490 to $660 depending on options

Rain Gauge 52202
Rain Gauge Pair 52202