Wind Speed and Direction Transducer

Wind Monitor 05103

The Wind Monitor is a high performance wind sensor. Rugged, corrosion-resistant construction makes it ideal for a wide range of wind measuring applications.

The wind speed sensor is a four blade helicoid propeller. Propeller rotation produces an AC sine wave voltage signal with the frequency a function of the rotational speed. The wind speed signal can be directly read by a Logic Beach digital input configured in Frequency mode. The measured frequency is then simply scaled by the executing program within the logger to convert to mph mps or any other desired units. Min/Max and other desired calculations can also b be performed.

The wind direction sensor is a rugged yet lightweight vane. Vane angle is sensed by a precision potentiometer. The resistance of the position potentiomenter is measured by an analog input on a Logic Beach data logger and direction is determined by vector math… which is easily programmed into the logger.

For longer signal runs or other applications, the Wind Transducer is available with signal conditioned 0-5Vdc or 4-20mA outputs.

Constructed of UV stabilized plastic with stainless steel and anodized aluminum fittings, the sensor mounts on standard 1 inch pipe. Model 05103V offers calibrated 0-5 VDC outputs, Model 05103L provides a calibrated 4-20 mA current signal for each channel.

Reference Price: $1026 (standard outputs) to $1338 (signal conditioned outputs)

Details available in Datasheet