DCXFR-24v-1A 24Vdc Power Adapter

120/240Vac 24Vdc Power Supply

Product Information

The DCXFR-24V-1A accepts nominal 120 to 240Vac input and provides a regulated 24Vdc output at up to 1A. This power supply can be used to power the ILL or the ILL IL-Mini instruments.

In applications utilizing 4-20mA loop or 3-wire powered transducers, this 24Vdc output power supply can be used to power the transducers in addition to the ILL system.

24Vdc Power Adapter Key Features
Wide ranging input from 120Vac to 240Vac
Regulated 24Vdc at 1A output
Can be used for transducer excitation



120/240Vac to 24Vdc Power Supply
Product Name: 120/240Vac to 24Vdc Power Supply
Order Part Number: 9080.00017
Price: $30 (or $5 additional charge if substituting for normally included 12Vdc power supply 9080.00002)
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120/240Vac to 24Vdc Power Supply 9080.00017  1
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