CAT 5 Ethernet Cable (standard)

Ethernet cable

CAT 5 cables can be used for connecting the IntelliLogger to a LAN Switch, Hub or Router.

Additionally, these same cables are used for implementing a BBus network to expand the I/O capability of the IntelliLogger with the connection of one or more ILIM-x Expansion Modules.

Ethernet Cable Key Features
Standard CAT 5 Ethernet Cable
1 ft, 3 ft and 10 ft lengths available
Ethernet Communication applications
BBus Expansion Module connection applications

Product Images

IL-80 connected to optional ILIM-7 expansion module via 1 ft Ethernet cable

 Ethernet cable  (shown 1ft cable used for Expansion Module interconnect)


Various length cables are available…
Product Name:  Part Number: Price:
Cable, CAT5, Ethernet 10ft length 9020.50012  $12
Cable, CAT5, Ethernet 3ft length 9020.50008  $7
Cable, CAT5, Ethernet 1ft length 9020.50005  $5

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