Sensors and Transducers Overview

To assist our customers with the procurement of a complete data acquisition system that meets their specific application requirements, Logic Beach sources, qualifies and resells a variety of sensors and transducers from reputable companies. We offer these commonly deployed sensors as a convenience to our customers in assembling  proven data acquisition, alarming and reporting systems.

Keep in mind that the following devices are but a partial offering of transducers that can readily be connected to our data acquisition instruments.   With the versatile “universal” analog and digital inputs featured on our products and the flexibility of our HyperWare programming software, just about every type of transducer can be easily interfaced to our instruments.  This valuable interface flexibility is one more powerful feature offered standard in Logic Beach instruments.

Feel free to email or call Logic Beach for assistance in selection of other compatible sensing devices for your application requirements.

Thermocouple Temperature Probes

Semi-custom thermocouple probes ranging from exposed junction to washer and stainless steel tube housed parts. All standard thermocouple types, wire gauges and lead material are available along wtih customer specified options including length, probe dimensions, etc.

Humidity and Temperature Probe Transducer (shown with optional 3m cable)

Humidity Transducers

Humidity as well as temperature combined with humidity probes for indoor, outdoor and duct ambient and process monitoring applications.

Pressure Transducers

Rugged industrial stainless steel pressure transducers. A full offering of pressure ranges and common outputs and fitting types is available.

Air Flow Transducers

Insertion type flow meters for air and nitrogen flow measurement. Transducers are offered in a full range of pipe and flow rates. Commonly used for compressed air flow measurement in audits and M&V studies.

DC Current Transducers

For measurement of DC currents in conductors. Split-core as well as open-frame shunt type transducers.

AC Current Transducers with DC signal outputs

For measurement of AC current in conductors. Split-core packages.

AC Voltage Transducers

Provide instrument interface to measured AC voltages. Single to three channel devices are offered.

AC Electrical Energy and Power Meters

Meters with pulse ouput (energy only) as well as Modbus enabled meters that provide multiple electrical parameters (phase voltages, currents, power, energy, power factor, etc) for characterization of AC electrical service and loads. Single-phase and multi-phase circuits are supported.

AC Current Transformers (CT’s)

For use with electrical energy and power meters. A full offering of split-core CT’s with various aperture openings and Full Scale current ratings.

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges

Precipitation measurement with Met industry standard tipping bucket technology rain gauges. Temperate and heated (for cold climates) units are available.

Wind Monitor 05103

Wind Speed and Direction Transducer

Propeller type transducer for measurement of wind speed (up to 224 mph) and direction.