Thermocouple Overview and Selection Guide

Logic Beach distributes a full line of rugged, industrial quality thermocouple probes to assist our customers in assembling complete data acquisition solutions.

All of our lines of multi-channel data logging instruments can accept thermocouple probes directly into their analog inputs allowing for quick configuration and deployment of a powerful temperature data acquisition system.

Following are three commonly sourced probe styles:

Thermocouple WB Exposed Junction with Teflon Cap

WB Style

Low-cost, simple thermocouple wire probe with welded junction.  Junction can be exposed or sealed with Teflon cap. Ideal for UL & Oven Validation, Special Limits Error Wire

Thermocouple TU with Stainless Steel probe

TU Style

Low-cost tube encased thermocouple probes utilizing 316 SS sheath material.  Stranded lead wire.

Thermocouple WT junction in Washer

WT Style

Low-cost washer thermocouple for secure fastening to equipment under test.  Special limits wire.