IntelliLogger™ Enc350 Enclosure Option

Rugged enclosure provides IntelliLogger protection from weather and industrial environments

Enc350 shown with two additional ILIM-7 modules, SCC-1, D-Batt pack and WiFi bridge.
Enc350 Key Features
Large size enclosure.  21.7″ x 14.8″ x 9.2″
Can house IntelliLogger plus up to 6 Expansion Modules.
Hardshell ABS construction
IntelliLogger slide-out access for wiring
Dual door closing latches with lock
Silicone gasketed door
Sealing gland fittings for bottom wiring ingress/egress
Surface mounting hanger option
Options for batteries, modems, WiFi, Sensor excitation…

Product Images

Enc350 shown with IL-80 mounted on the door, two ILIM-7 modules and Cellular modem

Enc350 with IL-80, two door mounted ILIM-7 modules and Cellular modem

Enc350 typical wiring egress holes for mating gland fittings

Enc350 typical wiring egress holes for mating gland fittings

Product Information


The IntelliLogger can be provided in the NEMA-4x equivalent rugged weather and tamperproof Enc350 enclosure for installation in demanding environments. A silicone gasketed door and sealing gland fittings effect a near water-tight seal* with jacketed wiring.

The basic Enc350 option includes mounting of the IntelliLogger base and machined holes for wiring gland fittings. The Enc350 can be configured with optional ancillary components (cell modem, batteries, etc) to build a self-contained data acquistion system. The unit can be portable applications or permanently surface mounted with the optional surface mount bracket for long term monitoring, reporting and alarming applications.

The Enc350 enclosure is the large sized enclosure option for the IntelliLogger system and can typically house an IntelliLogger base as well as 5 to 6 additional ILIM-x Expansion Modules depending on the other ancillary installed components. Contact Logic Beach Technical Support for assistance in selecting the desired components and enclosure.

*Note: System is NEMA-4x equivalent and is not designed for complete immersion.


  • Wall/surface mounting bracket Aluminum bracket mounts to the back of the Enc350 enclosure providing a flange at the top and bottom of the enclosure with mounting holes for wall or other surface securement.

  • Ethernet Cabling Egress For hardwired Ethernet connected IntelliLoggers, a machined hole and mating Gland Fitting facilitates installation of hardwired Cat5/6 Ethernet cable into ILEncXXX enclosure.

  • Non-licensed spread spectrum radios for point to point or point to multi-point instrument arrays – Contact Logic Beach Technical Support to discuss your special application packaging needs.

  • Custom wiring and integration – Contact Logic Beach Technical Support to discuss your special application packaging needs.

  • System Integration labor charge – Depending on the Enc250 configuration, there may be a nominal System Integration labor charge. Logic Beach Technical Support will advise charge after Enc250 configuration is defined.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What materials are used in the enclosure construction?
    • ABS plastic (molded enclosure), silicone (door seal) and stainless fasteners.

  • What components can be installed in the Enc350 enclosure?
    • Typically, the Enc350 will contain an IL-10 or an IL-20, IL-80 or IL-90 and up to 3 additional ILIM-x Expansion Module in the base. The lid surface can then be used for mounting up to two more additional ILIM-x Expansion Modules, terminal strip, cell modem, SCC-1, PSM-2 power supply, spread spectrum radios, etc.

  • What sensor and power wiring cable is suggested?
    • Jacket cabling seals most securely to the compression gland fittings on the bottom end of the enclosure.

  • Is the enclosure lockable?
    • Yes, there are lock loops molded into the enclosure into which a padlock can be installed to deter tampering.


IntelliLogger IL-350 Enclosure
Product Name: IntelliLogger IL-350 Enclosure
Order Part Number: 3522.70016
Price: $385
Items included with Product:
Product Name:  Part Number: Qty:
Enclosure, 350 class, prepped for IntelliLogger mounting. Size: 22″h x 14″w x 10″d 3522.70016  1
Liquid Tight Fitting with Nut 3522.15003  20
Hole Plug for unused fittings 3522.95022  20
Items commonly purchased with this product:
Product Name: Order Part Number: Price:
ENC350 enclosure surface mounting bracket 3539.00005 $36
Cellular Modem for remote site communication 9080.5046x $499
D-Cell battery pack 8050.91215 $75

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