Antenna RG174 Coax Gland Fitting

Antenna Gland Fitting
Antenna Gland Fitting Key Features
Option for the EncXXX family of weatherproof enclosures used with the IntelliLogger
Sized to allow pass-through of standard TNC-male RF connector
Compresses to fit RG174 coax cable

Medium size sealing gland fitting fits 3/4″ diameter machined hole in the EncXXX enclosure. Fitting hole is sufficiently sized to pass TNC RF connector and yet compress to seal against RG174 coax cable as provided on the Omni-Directional cellular antenna.


Coax Antenna Gland Fitting
Product Name: Gland Fitting, Antenna Coax (Medium)
Order Part Number: 3522.15011
Price: $9

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