Enc350 Weatherproof Enclosure Surface Mounting Bracket

Enc350 Surface Mounting Bracket
Enc350 Enclosure Surface Mounting Bracket Key Features
Facilitates surface mounting of Enc350 Enclosure
Heavy gauge aluminium construction
Mounts to back of Enc350 Enclosure
Top and bottom flanges for mounting

Wall/surface mounting bracket. Aluminum bracket mounts to the back of the Enc350 enclosure. Flanges project at the top and bottom of the enclosure with mounting holes for wall or other surface securement.


IL-350 Surface/Wall Mounting Plate
Product Name: IL-350 Surface/Wall Mounting Plate
Order Part Number: 3539.00005
Price: $36
Items included with Product:
Product Name:  Part Number: Qty:
IL-350 Surface/Wall Mounting Plate 3539.00005  1

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