D-Cell Battery Pack

D-Cell Battery Pack shown mounted into EncXxx enclosure door
D-Cell Battery Pack Key Features
Option for the EncXxx family of weatherproof enclosures used with the IntelliLogger
IntelliLogger field power for up to 3+ weeks
Use as UPS fallpack power source upon grid failure
Integrates with PSM-2 for field sensor excitation and IntelliLogger power
Standard alkaline batteries available world-wide

The optional D-Cell battery pack can be used to power the IntelliLogger for true off-grid stand-alone operation. Depending on the mode of operation, the D-Cell pack can power an IntelliLogger for up to 3+ weeks. The battery pack can also be used in conjunction with the PSM-2 Sensor Excitation Power Supply module which can boost the D-cell pack nominal 9Vdc up to 15 or 24Vdc to provide excitation and loop power for transducers. Under IntelliLogger program control, the sensor power can be cycled on/off to power transducers only during readings.

Additionally, the battery pack can be used as a Uninterruptible Power Supply for grid connected systems. Upon a grid power failure, the battery pack automatically switches over to power the IntelliLogger.

Typically door mounted, the D-Cell Battery Pack can be installed into ILEnc250, 300 and 350 enclosures.

Product Images

EncXxx door mounted D-Cell Battery Pack shown with cover removed.

EncXxx door mounted D-Cell Battery Pack shown with cover removed.


D-Cell Battery Pack
Product Name: D-Cell Battery Pack
Order Part Number: 8050.91215
Price: $75

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