Cell Modem Antenna, 12″ Magnetic Mount Omni-directional

12" Omnidirectional Magnetic Mount antenna
Cell Modem Antenna Key Features
Compatible with LS300 Cell Modem (all carriers)
5dB Omni-directional
10 foot RF cable

General use magnetic mount omni-directional antenna for use with the LS300 Cellular Modem. Antenna is 12″ tall and includes 10′ of RG174 (0.1″ dia) coax cable and mating RF connector. Approved for all carrier use, 5dB dual-band for 850 and 1900MHz.

Requires minimum of 5″ diameter ground plane for best performance. Logic Beach offers a right angle ground plane mounting bracket (PN 3539.80010) for pole mounted applications.

Use optional FTG-ANT gland fitting to implement sealed cable pass-through into weatherproof enclosures.


Antenna Gland Fitting

Antenna gland fitting and nut

Antenna Pole Mounting Bracket

Antenna Pole Mounting Ground Plane Bracket


Cell Modem Antenna, 12″ Magnetic Mount Omni-directional
Product Name: Cell Modem Antenna, 12″ Magnetic Mount Omni-directional
Order Part Number: 9080.10020
Price: $42.00
Optional antenna accessories:
Order Part Number: Description: Price:
3539.80010 Right angle mounting bracket for pole mount of antennas. Provides ground plane. Unit ships with 3 pipe clamps for pole mounting on 1.5″ (2 clamps) and 2″ (1 clamp) O.D. pole. $30.00
3522.15011 Gland Fitting, sized for RF connector pass-through for ANT-MAG-12 cable ingress to enclosures $9.00

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