Ethernet RJ-45 cable Gland Fitting

Gland fitting for Ethernet cable egress
Ethernet Gland Fitting Key Features
Option for the EncXXX family of weatherproof enclosures used with the IntelliLogger
Sized to allow pass-through of standard Ethernet RJ45 Plug connector
Compresses to fit standard jacketed Cat5/6 Ethernet cable

Use of this gland fitting allows for connetion of hardwired Ethernet cable to an IntelliLogger housed within an EncXxx enclosure.

Large size sealing gland fitting fits 7/8″ diameter machined hole in the EncXxx enclosure. Fitting hole is sufficiently sized to pass standard RJ45 Ethernet connector plug and yet compress to seal tight to the Cat5/6 standard Ethernet cable jacket.


Ethernet Gland Fitting
Product Name: Gland Fitting, Ethernet RJ-45 Cable (Large)
Order Part Number: 3522.15004
Price: $9

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