To meet specific customer application requirements and still maintain a budget sensitive price, the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ is offered with a multitude of user selectable options. 

Standard configuration IL-Mini™ includes the following:

  • Data logging and alarming instrument with full support for programmability from HyperWare-II
  • Weatherproof, gasketed door enclosure with wiring ports and sealing gland fittings.
  • 4-line x  20 character liquid crystal display
  • Four analog inputs supporting 8 Vdc ranges from 20mVdc full scale to 2Vdc full scale.
  • One General Purpose Digital input (user configurable for Frequency, Hi-Speed Counter or Event)
  • Two user programmable Green LED indicators
  • One Digital Alarm output with indicator LED
  • 50,000 reading internal memory
  • USB connectivity
  • On/Off switch
  • CD containing user manual PDF

Minimum System Requirements
The following minimum components are typically required for an IL-Mini™ system:

  • IL-Mini
  • HyperWare-II for the IL-Mini™ license (unless already owned)
  • A nominal 12 to 24Vdc power source for the Mini (various options listed below)
  • USB cable (the Mini uses a Type A to Mini-B cable which is commonly provided with many other devices… so you may already have one!)

Steps to ordering…

1. Work up a IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ Part Number with desired options from the Part Number builder below.

IL-Mini™ PN example...

Specifies an IL-Mini™ with LCD, D-cell battery pack, Lo-Vdc and thermocouple enabled analog inputs, two relays and Modbus RTU Master options.

IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ Order Options:

Category Order Suffix Option Description Cost / Adder
  IL-Mini™ IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ data logger instrument $390
  -LCD 4-line x  20 character liquid crystal display (Standard) $0
External power connection (standard) $0
  -WP Wide range power input (vehicle applications) $60
  -DBatt Internal 6 alkaline D-cell battery pack (deeper enclosure and batteries included) $60
  -DBatts-PSM4 D-Batts option (above) plus 24Vdc output 100mA high-efficiency power supply for transducer excitation power $180
~50,000 reading internal data memory (standard) $0
  -EXM ~160,000 reading internal data memory $40
  -CF Compact Flash memory card socket.  Includes one industrial temp, 0 wait state CF card (10 million+ reading capacity) $80
  -EXMCF EXM and CF options both provided $110
Analog Inputs
4 channels;  8 ranges of Vdc direct input (standard) $0

Adds direct J, K, E, T, R, S, and N type thermocouple input to all 4 channels

  -MA Adds 8 ranges of current (mA) to all 4 channels $40
  -HV Adds 3 higher Vdc  ranges to all 4 channels $40
  -TCMAHV Adds –TC, -MA, and –HV  inputs to all channels (discounted bundle) $100
One 0/+5Vdc digital output (standard) $0
  -2DO Two 0/5Vdc  output channels $20
  -1R One  relay output $25
  -2R Two relay outputs $50
  -1DO1R One digital output and one relay output $45
  -MRM Adds Modbus RTU Master capability $280
  -MRS Adds Modbus RTU Slave capability $220


2. Add HyperWare-II for  the IL-Mini™ license. 1

License Version Description Cost
HW2M HyperWare-II for IL-Mini™ Single User License $120

3.  Add any desired IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ specific accessories from the Accessories table below.

Part Number Description Cost

Power Supply. Input: 110 - 240VAC, regulated output 12Vdc @ 1Amp (typicallyrequired for IL-Mini™ power if -Dbatt option or other power source is not available at deployment location) $25

DCXFR-24V-1A Power Supply. Input: 110 - 240VAC, regulated output 24Vdc @ 1Amp;  this power supply is commonly used in applications with grid power that require IL-Mini™ power as well as loop power for 4-20mA type transmitters. $30
3539.22000 Surface/wall mounting bracket $12
9020.50015 USB cable, A to Mini-B  (typically required for PC to IL-Mini™ communications.  Note…this is a common cable used for many devices so you may already have one!) $12
CF-IND-128MB Compact Flash memory card, 10 million+ reading capacity, 0-wait state, 100% tested, industrial temp (requires -CF or -EXMCF option ) $42

4.  Add additional transducers and sensors for use with the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ refer to the Sensor Selection Guide.

5.  Contact Logic Beach with any questions and to place your order.

1 Note: A HyperWare-II for the IL-Mini™  License is good for installation on up to 3 computers for a single user.  Software is immediately usable upon install but requires registration within 30 days for continued use. 


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