A bold adjective… “Revolutionary”… for a truly deserving data logger platform… the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™. 

Here’s a list of 10 defining features that explain why  the  IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ is Revolutionary !


Intuitive, powerful and quick IntelliLogger-Mini
programming using HyperWare-II.

Programmability with HyperWare-II™
Historically, low-cost data loggers have been offered with none to  very limited programmability… maybe offering users the ability to change sampling rates, perform some averaging and at best perform simple math for input signal scaling.

Introduction of the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™blows away the barrier of limited user programmability in low-cost data logging instruments.  With full compatibility to HyperWare-II icon based programming software unlimited data logging and alarming flexibility is now in the user’s hands.  HyperWare-II…Logic Beach’s   industry proven, intuitive, flexible and simple to learn icon-based programming software.

With HyperWare-II, users simply follow a simple sequence to quickly and intuitively program the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ for the desired data acquisition and alarming application.

  1. Launch HyperWare-II on your PC
  2.  Connect to the IntelliLogger-Mini via USB cable
  3. Click a button to Query the Mini for its Input/Output configuration (icons representing the input and output channels appear in the programming window)
  4. Drag icons off the Icon Palette for desired processing (sampling rate clocks, memory, math, set-points, time integrals, log on change, min/max/averaging, etc)
  5. Interconnect the icons with your mouse to indicate data flow
  6. Configure each icon’s settings via simple dialogs
  7. Upload the program to the IntelliLogger-Mini via USB
  8. Push the Enable button to start logging and alarming!

    Here’s a few real-world examples illustrating the flexibility and power of the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ coupled with HyperWare-II.  Can your data logger do this?

Flexible Analog Inputs without external cables, signal conditioners, etc.
The IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ is fully capable of DIRECTLY accepting all of the standard analog input signals seen in industry.. without cumbersome external signal conditioning cables/harnesses, modules, etc.

Standard in every IntelliLogger-Mini are 4 analog input channels ready to directly accept bipolar  Vdc inputs.  Users can select from  eight (8) different analog input ranges from 20mVdc to 2Vdc full scale… all with a simple radio button selection from within HyperWare-II !

As  low cost options add any or all of the following to the standard IntelliLogger-Mini four analog input channels!

  • Thermocouple direct input:  Directly connect J, K, E,T, R, S or N thermocouples to any of the four analog inputs!  Cold junction compensation is automatically handled.  You select the type and range on a channel by channel basis via HyperWare-II
  • mAdc direct input:  Eight (8) bipolar ranges of current covering uAdc to mAdc… (including 4-20mA range).  Flip a switch on the IntelliLogger-Mini and you are ready to log dc currents… no cumbersome external cables, shunt resistors, plug in harnesses, signal conditioners, etc required.
  • Higher Vdc direct input:  Three (3) bipolar ranges are available for higher level Vdc inputs (eg amplified transducer outputs).  Directly input signals up to 30Vdc with the flip of a switch.
Other low-cost loggers typically have extremely limited analog inputs…it is not uncommon for only a single input range (eg 0-2.5Vdc) or thermocouple type to be offered on a model. That may be fine for today’s test but what about your test needs tomorrow? Some products offer cumbersome external scaling wire harnesses, specialty cables or signal conditioning modules… all adding purchase cost, labor cost through complexity and wiring confusion to the perceived “low-cost” data logger. For some products, the external scaling is left up to the user… putting the burden on the user to deal with finding precision scaling resistors, input impedance calculations, and more. And with any of these external solutions, users have to keep track of the external components inventory, deal with confusing wiring in the field and and hope that they have the right part available when the next data logging application arises.

Included Multi-Function Digital input
Every IntelliLogger-Mini is provided with a versatile digital input that can be field configured by the user for Event, Counter or Frequency signal input applications. 

  • Configured as an Event input… readily log alarm events, door openings/closures, machine states and more.  Also, the Event input is commonly used in the Program Net to conditionally enable actions… eg  only log this channel when the engine is running.
  • As a Counter input… totalize counts from pulse output flow meters, power meters and other pulse output devices, count machine cycles, and more. 
  • As a Frequency input… monitor RPM from 60 tooth gear pickups, measure wind speed from anemometers, input rates from flow transducers and more. 
  • With a few simple clicks of radio buttons within HyperWare-II , the Digital Input is configured for input type, desired input debounce filtering and even enable of a contact “wetting voltage” to allow for direct connection of unpowered switch (contact closure type)  inputs.

Programmable Alarm Output(s)
The IntelliLogger-Mini is provided with a digital output whose operation is under user defined control within the Program Net.  Use the output to trigger external equipment, output alarm conditions, cycle samplers, etc.  Optionally, the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ can be provided with an additional digital output or up to two (2) relay outputs providing easy interface to external alarming devices.


4-20mA Loop power and/or Transducer Excitation
Many data acquisition applications require power for the transducers.  Prior to the IntelliLogger-Mini, low-cost loggers  did not typically offer transducer power or if it was offered, the “excitation” provided was of minimal (if any) usefulness due to insufficient voltage or current output for real-world transducers.   With the optional IntelliLogger-Mini PSM-4 power supply that problem is elegantly solved… all in one clean package.  Using extremely efficient power supply circuit design, the IntelliLogger-Mini battery voltage is stepped up to 15 or 24Vdc (field selectable) and supplied at sufficient current levels to power up to four 4-20mA loops and/or other transducer requirements. 

And battery lilfe is minimally impacted as HyperWare-II allows users to program the IntelliLogger-Mini to simply power up the transducers… wait for a specified transducer “warm-up” time, take a reading and shut-down the power… all in seconds.


IntelliLogger-Mini™ shown with Optional LCD

Invaluable Liquid Crystal Display
With the LCD option… a full size  20 character by 4 line LCD is provided…viewable behind the clear polycarbonate IntelliLogger-Mini enclosure front .  No other low-cost data logging instruments offer the flexibility and utility of this feature.  Use the LCD and front panel buttons to…

  • View real-time readings
    of signal inputs, calculated values and alarm states.  Manually sequence with button presses or set to automatic sequence with user defined dwell times.
  • Check unit operational status
    from battery state –of-charge to remaining memory to run-time parameters, current Program Net and more
  • Output User Messages
    Via HyperWare-II users can easily integrate custom messages into the Program Net for display upon alarm conditions, periodic  status and/or other data logging and alarming needs.
  • Use as Program Net development tool
    With a view into the Program Net operation, feedback is provided via the LCD to assist in the speedy development of Program Nets.


Log data to removable CF memory cards
With the CF Memory Card option, the IntelliLogger-Mini can log up to 10 million ( ! ) readings.  Couple this capacity with the intelligent data acquisition abilities due to HyperWare-II and memory size becomes a non-issue.  Field staff can easily swap memory cards in the field allowing for quick retrieval of logged data… without any technical training!


IntelliLogger-Mini™ shown with Optional CF/Memory Card

Log data from Modbus RTU Slave devices
With the –MRM option, the IntelliLogger-Mini becomes a Modbus RTU Master.. allowing it to interface to up to 16 networked Modbus RTU Slave devices… from flow meters to power meters to analyzers to PLC’s to any of the thousands of Modbus RTU enabled devices in industry.   With this option, the IntelliLogger-Mini reads Modbus register values from slave devices and utilizes them in the Program Net for alarming, logging and inter-channel calculations… just like hardwired inputs!  Direct connection of the Slave devices is implemented via the industry standard RS-485 interface.


Share IntelliLogger-Mini values with Modbus RTU Master devices
With the –MRS Modbus RTU Slave option, the IntelliLogger becomes a Modbus network Slave device … sharing current sampled and calculated values with connected Master devices (eg PLC’s).


Rugged Weatherproof Packaging… Standard
The IntelliLogger-Mini is provided standard packaged in a rugged weatherproof housing.  No costly, time consuming protective packaging required upon receipt of the IntelliLogger-Mini… it is ready to put to work!

With a hinged clear polycarbonate front cover, the IntelliLogger-Mini is ready to deploy on a steel mill catwalk, in an oily compressor room, on a rooftop, by a river bank or in a lab.  Gland fittings provide the seal for wiring and with its optional internal batteries, PSM-4 transducer power supply it is equally at home as an autonomous field data acquisition instrument or  in a food research lab monitoring a retort chamber cycle.



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