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Simple setup low-cost M2M Data Plans
Supports Bi-Directional Communication with Static IP addresses
No upfront Static IP address $500 Carrier charge
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Product Information


Logic Beach has partnered with Verizon to provide our M2M customers with reasonably priced data plans offering Static IP addresses.  Avoid the typical $500 carrier upfront Static IP fee.

With the introduction of 4G LTE services and associated network security enhancements, a Static IP address is now required for cellular network access to the RV50 cellular gateway.  With assignment of a Static IP address, a fixed (hence the name “static”) IP address is allocated permanently to the cellular gateway and it will not change over time or power cycles.   This allows users to access a remote gateway and associated IntelliLogger using a consistent IP address.

Use of this Static IP address completes the full bi-directional communication link with a cellular connected IntelliLogger.  The IntelliLogger can send out FTP and email messages as well as receive communications from a PC or browser requesting data downloads, real-time data updates, reprogramming, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does M2M stand for?
    • Machine to machine (eg IntelliLogger to PC)
  • What carrier is offered in the Logic Beach M2M Static IP Service Plan

    • Currently Verizon is supported
  • What is the normal Static IP address configuration cost?
    • Verizon charges a one time $500 Static IP setup charge.  Logic Beach has a $25/line
  • What is the Service Plan term?

    • 2 years
  • What data plans and monthly costs are offered by Logic Beach?

    • 50MB          $18/mo
    • 100MB        $22/mo
    • 250MB        $32/mo
    • 1GB              $48/mo
  • Are there any other costs associated with activating a plan?
    • A one time charge of $25/line for activation
  • Can these data plans be used with other than Logic Beach equipment?

    • No.. .at this time only Logic Beach products can be activated.
  • What are the steps to activate an RV50 gateway and IntelliLogger on the Logic Beach M2M Plan?

    1. Contact Logic Beach with
      • Gateway IMEA number
      • SIM card SN (Logic Beach can provide)
      • Select desired data plan
    2. Complete a Device Registration form for each device
    3. Complete the 2 year contract
    4. Provide Credit Card specifics for billing
    5. Within typically 24 hours the line will be active


Logic Beach Cellular M2M Data Plans
50MB Plan: $18/mo     ($1.50 per MB overage charge)
100MB Plan: $22/mo     ($1.50 per MB overage charge)
250MB Plan: $32/mo     ($16.00 per GB overage charge)
1GB Plan: $48/mo    ($16.00 per GB overage charge)

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