PowerScout 24 Multi-Parameter Electrical Meter

PowerScout 24 Modbus Electrical Meter
Electric Meter Key Features
Meter up to eight, 3-phase or 24 branch, single phase circuits
Modbus interface to IntelliLogger
Revenue Grade metering
Sub-metering and energy auditing applications

The PS24 is a Modbus enabled multiple service electrical meter. With 24 integral channels, it can be used to monitor up to eight 3-phase electrical services or up to 24 branch circuits on a single service.

After connection to an electrical service (80 to 600Vac rated) the PS24 operates updating its internal Modbus registers every second. Via a Modbus interface to the IntelliLogger electrical parameters can be read from the PS24 registers including phase voltages, phase currents, power factor, power, energy and more. Additionally, 8 pulse outputs are available for simple energy logging.

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PowerScout 24 Multi-Parameter Electrical Meter
Product Name: PowerScout 24 Multi-Parameter Electrical Meter
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