SureCross Wireless Sensor Network Gateway

SureCross NodeIn applications where running wires from a sensor/signal location back to the data aggregating and reporting  IntelliLogger is prohibitive, a wireless sensor network can be implemented using the SureCross family of wireless sensor Nodes coupled with a receiving radio at the IntelliLogger location.  The SureCross family consists of a full selection of Nodes that can accept all of the standard sensor and signal types (thermocouples, 4-20mA, Vdc, etc)… typically 4 inputs per Node.   Nodes can be powered from a local low voltage source or battery and depending on RF environment have a range of up to 3 miles (900MHz models, 2 miles for 2.4GHz models) using the standard omni-directional antenna..

A SureCross Wireless Network requires a Gateway radio at the IntelliLogger location to receive data from the remotely located SureCross™ Nodes. This Gateway is connected to the IntelliLogger Modbus port and serves to buffer readings collected from the network of wireless transducer interface Nodes.

As the IntelliLogger executes its application Program Net, the IntelliLogger will query Modbus registers within the Gateway that are periodically updated with data from the various Nodes in the wireless network. The IntelliLogger then utilizes these data readings in its Program Net to store them to IntelliLogger memory, trigger alarms, include in Emails or Web pages, etc.

The hardware serial connection between the Gateway radio module and the IntelliLogger serial port (configured for Modbus RTU Master) is via a Logic Beach model SCC-1, RS-485 to RS-232 converter. This converter simply serves to convert the RS-485 hardware port on the Gateway to the RS-232 signal levels used by the IntelliLogger Modbus port. The Gateway can be physically located distant (up to several thousand feet) from the IntelliLogger as the RS-485 interface between the IntelliLogger/SCC-1 and the Gateway is a simple twisted pair cable. This facilitates location of the Gateway to optimize the RF connectivity with the Nodes while the IntelliLogger can be located in a more easily accessed user location for viewing the real-time values on its LCD, observing operation or connecting to other hardwired signal or transducer inputs.

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