HyperWare-II is for use only with the IntelliLogger products and is NOT compatible with the HyperLogger and ModuLogger products.


HyperWare-II™ (HW-II) is a powerful multi-purpose software package for use with the new Logic Beach Network Enabled IntelliLogger and IL-Mini data logger series. HyperWare-II™ is the next generation icon-based data logging software built upon the original industry-preferred HyperWare program and contains all the functions required for configuration and use of the IntelliLogger. With HW-II you can graphically build data logging programs, view real-time data, build custom web pages, and much more. With completely rewritten code and updated, revised, and improved program functionality, you will be amazed at the versatility of HyperWare-II™.

Network features (FTP, Email, Web browser access, etc) available in HyperWare-II and described on this page are ONLY applicable to the IntelliLogger Network Enabled instruments (IL-10, 20, 80, and 90).  The IntelliLogger-Mini instruments are not network enabled, hence these network features are not available in the IL-Mini instrument family.  Upon connection to an IntelliLogger or IntelliLogger IL-Mini instrument, HyperWare-II automatically detects the available capability of the connected instrument and makes the appropriate features available to the user.    

HyperWare-II is provided FREE with the network enabled IntelliLogger instruments and for a nominal charge for the  IL-Mini™ family (Note 1).


Since the IntelliLogger is a network device it is capable of serving web pages for viewing over the Internet. Standard web pages are built into the IntelliLogger and custom web pages are also possible. Custom web pages are easily created in HW II graphically with drop and drag objects allowing for a great deal of customization for each application.

Sample HyperWare program.

HW-II simply and graphically provides the following features:

  • Communications between a PC and any IntelliLogger
  • Drag and Drop Icon-Based Datalogger Programming
  • Custom Web Page creation via the Designer
  • Develop Simple to Complex Logging Schemes in Minutes
  • Remote Control of Loggers via any Communication Link
  • RS-232, Modem, Cell-Phone, Ethernet, RF-Modem Communications
  • Real-Time Data Monitoring and Trending
  • Emails sent with data and alarms
  • Automatic data ftp capabilities


HyperWare II supports RS-232, USB, telephone modem (cellular and land line), Ethernet, and spread spectrum radio communication options. Once a communication link is established the following functions are available.

  • Collected data downloads
  • Logger current status checks
  • Reprogramming of the logger
  • Real-time trending of data on the PC while the logger executes
  • Remote control of the logger outputs
  • "On-the-Fly" control of special icons, remote constant and analog switch

A communication link is established by double clicking on the Communications Icon between the PC and Data Logger. A dialog box pops ups listing available loggers and communications options.

Once the connection is established, merely dragging and dropping icons between the PC and the Logger results in transparent communications with `behind the scenes' error checking. The visual communications implementation allows for quick and simple communications between the PC and a connected IntelliLogger™ for Status , collected data downloads, programming, and remote control.


Sample temperature and logger
battery voltage monitoring program.

The IntelliLogger is fully programmable for intelligent data logging strategies, alarming, conditional logging, inter-channel calculations, log to memory on change, statistical calculations and much more. In the early 1990s Logic Beach developed a revolutionary and unique graphical programming method for our instruments called HyperNet™. This programming method has been refined and improved to produce one of the easiest and most powerful programming environments for portable data logging and alarming instrumentation.

Programming the IntelliLogger is a simple process.

1. Connect to the data logger with the desired communication method
2. Query the logger for its hardware configuration
3. Visually create the logger "NET" program and Custom Web Page (if desired)
4. Transfer the NET program to the Logger's memory
5. Done

Within the programming window, a `NET' program is developed graphically on the PC using icons and interconnects, creating a network of icons on the screen. Transfer the program NET to the data logger.

Once the program NET containing the optional Custom Web Page is loaded into the data logger you may turn the logger off and finish the system installation. Turn the logger ON, depress Enable, and the logger will begin collecting data and serving and be immediately available to serve web pages.

Real-time Data Monitoring and Web Pages

HW-II™ allows the user to view data in a variety of manners. Choose to view data real-time with HyperWare-II or through the built-in web pages or custom created web pages through the Internet or a network connection.  These pages can be identical to the HyperWare-II realtime pages for consistent data presentation.

Creating custom web pages via drop and drag objects.

HyperWare-II™ makes custom web page creation extremely simple.  Simply select from the palette of 23 graphic objects, drop and place them on your web page.  Customize the objects for your application, resize, change colors, rescale, add alarms, insert images, all easily accomplished within HW-II. You may create a number of web pages which are then up loaded to the data logger for viewing by anyone with data logger access.

A few of the objects available include thermometers, angular gages, tanks (level), digital displays, counters and more.  These objects can be used for both the custom web pages and real-time trending via HyperWare-II.  Logic Beach has created it's own Web Browser, GreenWater (TM) available free here, which speeds data presentation by preloading the graphic objects to your PC and just downloaded object type, place and value from the data logger being viewed.

IntelliLogger data now.
to demo unit.

Control Functions

By way of the Remote Constant and Remote Control icons, Users can now change a running program's operation in the logger via a communication link from their PC! From within either the real-time tracking window or the standard web page's set-point parameters can be adjusted and outputs or logic within a program can be changed, all while the logger is executing its program.

Data Output Formats

A number of data formats are available from the IntelliLogger, CSV, tab delineated, space justified (txt) and raw data. The CSV file is easily imported into many standard spreadsheet and plotting programs for further analysis while the other text formats are easily viewed in any text editor.

System Requirements

Pentium 3 or higher personal computer
30 MB Hard Disk Space
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7 (32 and 64 bit)
VGA display (minimum)
Windows supported/installed Mouse
Serial port, USB, or Ethernet for IntelliLogger™ connection
Windows supported/installed printer (optional)

1.  Networking features such as FTP, email, Web Page Serving are not supported by the IL-Mini™.  For these features utilize the IntelliLogger family (IL-10, -20, -80 and/or -90).

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