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Using the IL-Mini for Compressed Air Audits

The new low-cost, IL-Mini can meet your smaller Compressed Air Audit instrumentation needs perfectly! The IL-Mini is well-suited to audit applications with these requirements…

  • For audits on one or two compressors at a time (limited channel count)
  • Do NOT need remote communication to the instrument
  • Require stand-alone, self-contained, battery or grid powered operation
  • Require flow and/or pressure profiling at various remote points on the air distribution manifold to augment compressor location data collection.

Note:  For applications requiring more inputs, LAN or Wireless remote (cell modem) connectivity refer to the IntelliLogger product family.

The IL-Mini is a flexible, low-cost data acquisition instrument for compressed air audit applications requiring a lower total count of transducer inputs and with no requirements for LAN connection or remote communication(eg via Cell Modem) access. With its optional internal battery pack and transducer excitation power supply (PSM-4) it is well suited for deployment at a compressor site where it will perform autonomous data collection for days to months. Using its four analog inputs, the IL-Mini is well suited for audits at sites with one or two compressors. If the Modbus interface is used, up to 16 Modbus transducers can be connected in addition to the four analog inputs allowing for simultaneous audits of multiple compressors. Additionally, the IL-Mini is perfect for pairing with a flow and/or pressure transducer and deploying at remote locations on the air distribution manifold for characterizing demand side performance.

Fully programmable via HyperWare-II, the IL-Mini is readily programmed to sample inputs at a user defined rate, process the signals then store to internal or optional CF card memory based on a method defined by the user. The data storage method can include simple time-based storage or more intelligent logging strategies based on changes in inputs, rate of changes, compressor state, other channel status or any of a multitude of simply programmed data storage schemes. Ultimately the IL-Mini coupled with HyperWare-II has the intelligence and flexibility to log data in a manner that reduces the auditor’s post-processing and data reduction effort.. without loss of meaningful data.

IL-Mini™ Features make for Easier Compressed Air Audits

The IL-Mini possesses a multitude of powerful features and flexibility to assist auditors in implementing efficient and thorough compressed air audits…

  • Rugged Weatherproof Packaging
    Pre-packaged in a weatherproof plastic enclosure.. the IL-Mini is well-suited for deployment in the demanding environments commonly encountered in industrial compressor rooms.   Through the clear front cover, current signal inputs, calculated values and status can all be observed on the optional  multi-line display during setup and real-time during the compressed air audit.

  • HyperWare-II Programmability
    The IL-Mini uses HyperWare-II, icon-based programming software to provide unlimited programmability with a simple and  intuitive visual interface.  Simply interconnecting icons  with your mouse builds a program which is then uploaded into the IL-Mini™ memory where it executes. 

    Although simple to program, the IL-Mini™ is unlimited in its ability to perform powerful data collection schemes… lessening the need for tedious, post-data collection data manipulation.

    In addition to intelligent logging of typical Compressed Air Audit analog inputs, the IL-Mini™ is easily programmed through HyperWare-II to log calculated data as well such as differential pressure across a dryer or filter.

  • Example Compressed Air Audit Program Nets
    For quick reference and to demonstrate the capability of the IL-Mini™, here are a couple of real-world Compressed Air Audit data logging strategies that can be quickly implemented with HyperWare-II and the IL-Mini™…

              Compressor Duty-Cycle logging
              Intelligent Pressure Data Logging with the Delta Icon

  • Flexible Analog Inputs
    The IL-Mini™ includes four user programmable analog inputs.  These inputs can be field configured for direct connection of all of the standard industrial signal and transducer outputs including direct connection of seven thermocouple types, dc current ranges (including the 4-20mA loop range) and dc Voltage ranges.  With this complement of inputs,  power, pressure, temperature and air flow transducers commonly used in Compressed Air Audits can all be quickly connected.  See the IL-Mini™  Specifications for full channel details.

  • Digital Input
    A field configurable digital input is provided on all IL-Mini™ models.  The input can be user configured for Event, high-speed count or frequency inputs making it perfect for triggering logging based on compressor startup, totalizing power from pulse output energy meters or air flow meters.

  • Modbus Interface
    The IL-Mini™ has an optional Modbus RTU interface.  Configured as a Modbus RTU Master, the IL-Mini™ can garner readings from intelligent Modbus RTU Slave transducers such as power meters, flow meters, compressor controllers and 1000’s of other Modbus RTU enabled devices.  Up to 32 devices can be daisy chain linked to a single IL-Mini™.  In compressor rooms with multiple compressors, this allows for installation of flow meters, power meters and even Modbus enabled pressure transmitters on each compressor and simultaneous logging of the contributions of each.   Modbus Details…

  • PSM-4 Transducer Excitation Power Supply
    With the PSM-4 option, the IL-Mini™ can provide 10, 15 or 24Vdc output to power transducers as well as 4-20mA transmitter loops from the internal batteries!  With 100mA drive capability, sufficient current can be provided to power a loop for each of the IL-Mini™ four analog inputs.  The PSM-4 solves the installation headache we have all encountered when looking for transmitter loop power at a site.   Via HyperWare-II, the PSM-4 can be cycled ON prior to a reading then OFF after the reading, conserving IL-Mini™ battery life.

An IL-Mini™ equipped with the PSM-4 option and a pressure transducer results in a powerful Demand Side air manifold data collection instrument.  Deploy multiple time synchronized IL-Mini™ satellite systems on manifold branches throughout the facility to characterize distribution piping losses, load induced pressure drops and other problems. At the end of the data collection phase, download the data and combine with compressor supply side data for a full Compressed Air system profile.

  • Grid or Battery Power
    If grid power is available, use the 12Vdc or 24Vdc wall adapter to power the IL-Mini™ (and PSM-4 if so equipped).  Internal batteries providing up to a couple months of autonomous data logging are provided as an option.  In the event of a power failure, the IL-Mini™ automatically falls back to its internal batteries and continues operation. 

  • Integral Display
    With the optional LCD display, read real-time measured and calculated values as well as system status.. from battery state of charge to remaining memory, custom messages, and more.  The LCD can be configured for manual (user initiated) sequencing of real-time readings or for automatic sequencing.  With automatic sequencing, the IL-Mini™ front cover can be closed and secured and staff can view a sequencing display of readings and messages through the IL-Mini™ clear front cover.
Transducers Commonly Deployed for Compressed Air Audits

Logic Beach distributes a variety of transducers commonly used in the Compressed Air Audit process.  These transducers are manufactured by reputable partner companies and have been industry proven to dovetail perfectly with the IntelliLogger and  IL-Mini™ ultimately providing confidence to our customers that the total data acquisition platform will meet and exceed their Compressed Air Audit  needs.
A few of the commonly bundled Compressed Air Audit appropriate transducers follow…


Pressure is a core parameter required for characterizing Compressed Air system Supply and Demand side dynamics.  Two pressure transducer models commonly deployed for compressed air audits are:

This is a 4-20mA output, 200psig full scale rugged stainless steel transducer with a ¼” male pipe thread media fitting.  This part offers 0.5%FS accuracy and integral Zero and Span trim. 

For budget critical systems, an identical part is offered in the 300 series that omits the Zero and Span field adjustments (ie it can not be recalibrated if it should drift out of spec over time)  as PN PSIG-300-0.5%-xxx-4-20-1/4"MNPT

Both parts come standard with sealed terminal strip wiring fittings with IP-67 protection that allow for field installation of jacketed cable.  This feature makes for simple installation with custom cable lengths to meet your physical installation site demands.


Air Flow

Piping air flow measurements on both the supply and demand distribution sides is invaluable in a thorough audit.  The 5200 and 5400 models of insertion type flow meters  provide excellent accuracy without breaking the bank.  Since the units are equipped with integral displays, many auditors opt to sell the flow meters to the customer and leave them installed for customer reference.  The 5200 and 5400 models are nearly identical with the exception of supported pipe diameter.

These transducers are delivered standard with pulse and 4-20mA outputs, either of which readily interface to the IntelliLogger and IL-Mini™ analog or digital (counter) inputs.  Optionally, for installations requiring multiple flow measurements, both models can be provided as Modbus RTU Slave devices allowing for the daisy chain of up to 32 devices on a single Modbus RTU equipped IntelliLogger or IL-Mini™.

Additionally, the IL-Mini™ with the D-cell  and PSM-4 options and a flow transducer can be deployed remotely to collect flow data at desired demand side piping locations. This stand-alone satellite demand side data logging system then serves as a valuable tool for collecting real-world data for calibrating system models, identifying problematic high demand  pressure drops, understanding piping sizing and other troubleshooting needs.

Compressor Power and Energy
A full spectrum of power and energy transducers are offered ranging from simple clamp-on CT’s for single phase measurement and calculated power/energy to high accuracy 3-phase power and energy measurement devices. 

WNB Power Meter
For many  audits the simple 3-phase WNB energy only meter is used… providing excellent accuracy and true energy measurement (all three phase currents and voltages are measured and used in the energy calculation).  This meter has a pulse output where each pulse corresponds to some quantity of energy (kWh) consumed.  Simple totalization of pulses over desired time periods and math performed by the IntelliLogger result in accurate energy profiling. 

WNC Power Meter
For more thorough audits where the health of the compressor motor, peak demand and/or other more detailed electrical parameters are desired, the Modbus connected WNC meter meets the need.  Via the Modbus link, up to 26 electrical parameters can be logged by the connected IntelliLogger.  Parameters include phase voltages and currents, demand (kW), energy, power factor, VAR and more.

Via the Modbus interface, up to 32 WNC power meters (or a combination of Modbus Slave devices can all be logged via a twisted daisy-chain Modbus wire pair.

PS3-D Universal Power Meter
The PS3-D Power Meter provides both pulse output (energy/kWh) as well as Modbus output of multiple electrical parameters.  Additionally, this unit can be used on both Wye and Delta wiring configurations as well as voltages from 120Vac to 480Vac 3phase.

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