The power of the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ is extraordinary due to its flexible programmability and array of low-cost options.  Here’s just a few of the unlimited unique capabilities of the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™… capabilities to consider while making your next data logging instrument purchase decision.

Capture critical signal changes without  logging VOLUMES of useless data!
In many troubleshooting data acquisition applications, the goal is to capture transient conditions.. eg a momentary power demand or temperature rise.  Historically, this has required setting sampling rates sufficiently high to capture the event when it occurs.  However, this “brute force” method typically results in massive amounts of logged readings surrounding the desired transient data (hopefully, if the memory didn’t fill before the event occurred!)

As an ultimate solution, the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ can be quickly configured to collect just valuable data.    Utilizing the powerful Delta Icon in a IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ Program Net, the input signal can be sampled quickly but only logged to memory when the current sample changes by some user defined amount since the last logged value. 

View Real-Time Readings  on a local Display!
With the LCD option for the IL-Mini, a large 4 line x 20 character LCD is provided integral to the unit.  While logging, users can manually step through current input channel levels, calculated parameters (eg totals) and check alarm states.  Optionally, the LCD can be configured to automatically sequence through user defined displays allowing operators to view status through the clear enclosure front without pressing buttons.

Change Input Channel signal compatibility  in the field!
Today you need two K type thermocouple input channels and two 4-20mA loop channels… but what about tomorrow?  With other low-cost data loggers you are stuck with the fixed channel types that you ordered.. or you need to procure cumbersome external signal converting harnesses or expensive signal conditioning modules to convert the signal to what your logger requires. 

NOT with the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™… simply select a different range through the HyperWare-II software or flip a switch on the input channel to change low level Vdc input channels  to thermocouple inputs to High Vdc inputs to DC current inputs… all on the same unit and on a channel by channel basis!  And on top of that.. each signal type also has multiple user selectable full scale input ranges.. adding even more flexibility.

Log data to Memory under these conditions!
So you just want data logged to memory when…

The hydraulic pressure signal is above 700psi
The air intake temperature is outside of the temperature range of 20 to 55C
The engine is ON
The effluent flow rate exceeds 4000 gpm
The down hole temperature exceeds 800F, the frac pump is running, the injection flow rate is > 400gpm AND the injection pressure exceeds 4500psi
Output an alarm when the temperature exceeds 400F and the blower is OFF
Output an alarm if the blower is ON but the temperature does not exceed 400F within 20 seconds

The IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ can do it!  All of these and unlimited other conditional data logging and/or alarming scenarios are simply and quickly implemented via HyperWare-II and the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™. 

Change Sampling Rates on-the-fly !
With the individually programmable sampling rates on each channel and capabilities of the Sample Rate Clock icon, users can quickly configure channel(s) to change sampling rates under user defined conditions.  

Here’s are a real-world example easily handled by the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™  in monitoring brake shoe temperature rise… log shoe temperature every second normally, when the brake lights turn ON, change the shoe sampling rate to 50 samples per second.  When the brake lights go off, continue sampling at 50S/Sec for 10 seconds then return to 1 S/Second sampling.  Repeat if/when the brakes are actuated again.

Power  Four 4-20mA transmitter loops from the Data Logger !
With the internal battery and PSM-4 Power Supply Module option, the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ not only logs the data from these transmitters but also provides the voltage required to power the loop in the field!  4-20mA transmitters are everywhere but most low-cost (and many higher cost!) data loggers can only handle data logging.. neglecting the powering of transducers.  This leaves the non-trivial task of sensor power up to YOU.  

The IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ can be quickly wired and programmed to run autonomously in the field generating and cycling the transmitters (or other types of sensors) power during readings… then shutting down between readings to save battery energy.  The PSM-4 delivers 24Vdc… which is sufficient to power any 4-20mA loop transmitter manufactured… and with its 100mA output capability, sufficient loop power can be provided for transmitters on all four IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ inputs.  All from one box.  All configured in a few minutes.

The above are but a few of the truly unlimited capabilities of the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™.  If unsure if the IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ will meet your specific needs give Logic Beach a call or drop us an email and we will promptly reply.



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